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On the Streets of Buenos Aires

The Pilgrim Mother of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Ė Patroness of Taxi Drivers

Honor guard: The Auxiliary on top of a taxi in Buenos Aires, accompanied by taxi drivers
Ehrengeleit: Die Pilgernde Gottesmutter auf dem Dach eines Taxis in Buenos Aires, begleitet von Taxifahrern
Thenew flag of the Catholic taxi drivers of Buenos Aires
Die neue Fahne der katholischen Taxifahrer von Buenos Aires
Our Lady of Schoenstatt, patroness of the taxi drivers.
Unsere Liebe Frau von Schönstatt, Patronin der Taxifahrer
Holy Mass: Fr. Guillermo Carmona
Heilige Messe: Pater Guillermo Carmona
During the Holy Mass, the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt was named patroness of the taxio drivers
Während der heiligen Messe wurde die Dreimal Wunderbare Mutter von Schönstatt zur Patronin der Taxifahrer ernannt.
Two children of taxi drivers had their baptism on this day; the Auxiliary must be present!
Zwei Kinder von Taxifahrern erlebten an diesem Tag ihre Taufe; die Gottesmutter musste dabei sein!
Fotos: Sr. Arntrudis Seeger © 2001

(Sr. M. Arntrudis Seeger) On August 12th, the Blessed Mother was officially named Patroness of Taxi drivers of Buenos Aires. The Blessed Mother is very creative and ingenious Ė thatís why she always find a way to approach her children, to bring them closer to Godís heart. This time she came to meet the taxi drivers and their passengers.

It is surprising to see how she chooses her instruments. She chooses collaborators from every class and condition, along many different paths. She calls the rich and the poor, sinners and saints, those who are close to, or away from God. All who come to be in touch with her become her disciples, in this way fulfilling the law of Godís Kingdom: God chooses and calls those who are small, humble of heart, who trust and hope in him.

A New Adventure with the Blessed Mother

This adventure is about being a pilgrim in taxis. It is about traveling in taxis, meeting others who donít have time to go to church, those who live in a hurry, with thousands of problems to confide. How could we not think of a campaign with the taxi drivers, in which she will act through them? They listen day and night to so many difficulties and needs. They are special instruments to minister with the Pilgrim Mother, for very often they are the ears of people who feel alone. There they go with their cars, with their classic colors that identify them, black and yellow. From the mirror, a rosary hangs with the same colors, and at the back of the front seat, the passenger can read the following sign: "You are not traveling alone, you are traveling with Our Lady of Schoenstatt. If you wish, write your intentions in the notebook that is here." The taxi drivers also have their own emblem: a shrine from which a taxi appears through the door.

A Rosary with Black and Yellow beads Ė a Crown offered by the taxi drivers to the Blessed Mother

On August 12th, 2001, the Blessed Mother was officially titled Patroness of the Taxi drivers of Buenos Aires, in a mass concelebrated by Father Guillermo Carmona, Schoenstatt Movement Director, and Father Jose Casadeval, Chaplain of the taxi drivers. The ceremony took place in Our Lady of Health parish, where each second Sunday of the month we celebrate the taxi driverís mass, and we bless the taxis.

Fr. Jose Casadeval was designated chaplain of the taxi drivers by Cardinal Bergoglio . When he heard about he initiative of Cliver and his coworker Manuel, he got in touch with them. After hearing their testimonies and experiences, he suggested that this initiative be disseminated among all Catholic taxi drivers.

A taxi driver said, "I have no words to explain all the joy we have. Cronica TV was here. Two journalists of other media, and one representative of the "Cristo Hoy" paper widely advertised the event.

During the celebration, the Auxiliary was crowned with a big rosary of black and yellow beads, the taxi colors. The rosary symbolizes the crown offered to the Blessed Mother.

The yellow and black flag of the taxi cab drivers was blessed with the image of the MTA, and the inscription, "Our Lady of Schoenstatt, Patroness of Taxi drivers." Thanks to the work of Cliver and Manuel, it was possible that their logo and flag be from Schoenstatt:

"We are really very happy for the great day we had yesterday. It was very moving to see the Auxiliary Image on the cabís roof, also to see everybody entering the temple processing behind the image."

The little image, the notebook that go from taxi to taxi, the first flag we made in 1999, and the new flag with the inscription, "Our Lady of Schoenstatt, Patroness of Taxi Drivers" also entered the church. The Blessed Mother is working bit by bit, but touching everybodyís heart.

As a highlight, two children of a taxi driver, Juan Bautista, six years old, and his little sister, Fernanda Victoria, three years old, were baptized.

Encounter with God through the Pilgrim Mother

  • "Dear Mother, I thank you for the life that youíve given me. I ask you to be with me during these nine months. Do not abandon me. I ask you for all the couples who do not know how to be happy. Thank you, Dolores."
  • "Thank you for everything you give us. Thank you for your love, for your protection. I ask you not to abandon us at this time. Give us a job to be able to raise the little angel you gave us. We thank you. Two grateful parents, Hector and Graciela."
  • "Mother, a little while ago, I went to Jesus. Only about 15 days ago, I felt for the first time, within me, a true love for him. It was good for me. I donít want to ask you for me, but to thank you: I thank you that I have a family, I have a job, I have good health. I thank you for having felt this openness in my heart, that you allow me always to seek the good, the possibilities to grow day after day, and in this way, to enrich my mind, my spirit and my heart. Victoria."
  • "Blessed Mother, Be with me in my vocation. Help me to be faithful. I ask you for my family (seminarian passenger)."

The taxi drivers carry a notebook, where everyone can write their needs and intentions. Many people have written their troubles, their petitions to the Virgin, and their gratitude. It is a little treasure that speaks about the Pilgrim Motherís love and her capacity to attract human beings to the religious world, an encounter with God through the Pilgrim Mother.

In the notebook, there are also some prayers. There is a brief explanation about the rosary campaign of the Pilgrim Mother, and how to pray the rosary. The taxi drivers describe many conversations with their passengers about God, the Blessed Mother, life with or without God, the meaning of life, and personal difficulties. There are very moving testimonies.

  • "I ask you that my little brother, Guidoís, surgery goes well, and especially that he be ok. I know that everything will be ok, but still, I ask your help to be with him and my mother at the time of the operation, since I wonít be able to be there. I also ask you help to be able to face everything, all of this, in the best possible way, and not to be sad. I know that I, as well as my family, can count on you, because you will help us go through this moment. Thank you, Cynthia."
  • "Virgin Mother, only you know how much we love and need you. Thatís why we are asking you for help during this difficult time. We trust very hopefully in your motherly gaze. We love you much, Manlen Family."
  • "Dear Virgin, I thank you for being with me during these days, in my job, and for protecting me from evil. I ask you that this mission spread, and that everyday there will be more and more taxi drivers who will carry your image. I thank you for listening to me. I thank you for helping me stand firm and faithful during days of solving so many problems. Raul."

One of the taxi drivers, Cliver, takes the notebook from time to time, to the Shrine of the Father, in Florencio Varela, where he presents it to the Virgin and prays for all his passengers:

  • "Dear Mother, I ask you that you guide me and be with me in this work that I started two years ago, difficult for me alone, but easy, knowing that it is not I, but you who shows me the path to follow. I ask you to strengthen me to continue to follow your path. I place in your hands, the possibility of enjoying the wonderful moment of your crowning as Patroness of Taxi Drivers. I ask you to bless this work, and if it pleases you, that it be spread throughout the entire city. I ask you to protect us from evil, and for abundant work. Take care of me and my family. Thank you, Cliver."

The Pilgrim Mother, in Search of her Children Who Live on the Streets

Itís about an incredible and very efficient pastoral work. The pastoral work of the new time, where Our Blessed Mother goes as a pilgrim in search of her children who carry out their daily living by going here and there in a rush, through the streets. It reminds us that the Virgin of Lujan, Patroness of the Argentineans, was also a Pilgrim Mother. According to history, she escaped from the chapel and came back with a mantel full of mud from the streets.

The Pilgrim Mother knows where her children are, and knows their needs. She wants to give them her motherly love, her protection on the city streets, with millions of inhabitants. She herself conquers the instruments so that this new modality can grow and expand on a daily basis.

  • "I ask our dear Virgin for the Catholic taxi drivers who remind us of her loving presence in our lives. May she protect and help them."
  • "Dear Blessed Mother, endless thanksgiving for illuminating my family and myself. I want simply to ask you for health and for work for all the unemployed. Congratulations to the taxi drivers for this opportunity." Fabricio E.
  • "Dear Mother, I thank you for your presence and guidance with me in the car. Your beautiful company has prevented me from feeling overwhelmed in this difficult path that I need to undertake everyday. Your goodness has guided my steps and given me something special for the passengers. On their, and my own behalf, we thank you and we ask you to intercede for us to your Son, so that there is peace and work for all on this earth. I hope soon to have the joy of your visit in my home. I love and admire you much. Thank you, Javier."

Translated by Mary-Ann Schleinich and Anna Santos Salas

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