Oktoberweek Schoenstatt: 21.10.2001

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At the end of the October Week - Evaluation

What was special? What is the result of the week?


Father Ángel Strada, Argentina/Schönstatt

Postulator for the process of canonization for Father Kentenich

"The stronger presence and involvement of the dioceses was important to me; with this, the actual life of the movement plays a much bigger role, and I think this is important.

The themes of the presentation may have lacked a bit of inner coherence, yet it was a great and encouraging range of themes. The way in which Fr Emge approached was new and beautiful, gave new impulses; his talk 'good-byed' several outdated schemes, and that was just beautiful. Simply the fact that sexuality was made a subject is remarkable; and the way how Fr Güthlein presented the theme was good: with empathy, positively, uplifting; I guess we will be able to work on that subject much better in future. My own theme was much linked with his theme of sexuality and integrated love. I wanted to present the subject of holiness in a new light and make clear: It's not about beatification and canonization, what is a slow process and the work of specialist, but it is about holiness and whether or not the movement is the "cradle" and "school" of holiness. This will be decisive for the church. I wanted to present the subject of "integrated love" in connection with the gospel, with the First Commandment, because integrated love and holiness are no Schoenstatt concepts but the way how to live a Christian life.

I like the new year's motto in view of the terror and intolerance and the growing distance to other religions. I think the motto will be very fruitful, however only when we do not see it in the narrow stretch of our little private sphere but when we say and understand: Love is stronger when and if we commit ourselves to doing something. No matter where – in our Parish, in an organization, in the school, in the trade union - as love has a social dimension. I had no time to express this in the talk. I see a certain danger in the fact for us is Schoenstatt, Every Day Sanctity is a synonym for holiness and that therefore, instrument spiritually and holiness are not seen together, but that is an essential part of Schoenstatt's concept of holiness; to be an instrument. We are an Apostolic Movement; we exist for the others and are to be a powerful evangelizatory force in the Church. This is the future, and therefore I am happy with this October Week."


Sr. M. Nurit Stosiek, Schoenstatt

Schoenstatt Sister of Mary

"I specially liked the family atmosphere of this October Week. Those who gave the talks met the Schoenstatt family's central feeling for life, from very different approaches. I had the strong impression of a climate building that resulted in 'love' as central value. The talk given by Father Emge showed our strengths and our potential as German Schoenstatt family; I often heard that this talk was an encouragement for many and stirred up thinking about new projects, giving courage as we can achieve much with limited expenses and with our limited possibilities. Father Güthlein's talk also had such a positive approach; it was so freeing that he did not complain. He painted a realistic panorama, showed what is necessary, and gave a perspective; no instant solutions or recipes, but a panorama or a horizon. Father Strada's talk was really interesting from the perspective of secular holiness, a holiness within and for the world. The prevailing 'tone' of the whole October Week was plausibility. The speakers expressed what lives in us, in the different branches; that created Corporate Identity and now we can go on from this experience. Father Emge did a great job with how he moderated and brought the different statement together. One of the highlights: The Magnificat, sung with all of those on the stage who had presented an apostolic initiative. For me, it was a spiritual experience without the danger of floating on cloud nine. We got practical impulses. I was impressed that sharing from practical life can be such a spiritual experience."


Father Heinrich Walter

Chairperson of the German National Presidium

"It would be great when people would share via 'Schoenstatt Meeting' on schoenstatt.de about their apostolic initiatives, when they would share what is developing, what happens… We should walk towards a Schoenstatt reality of not everybody needing to know everything, not all needing to be in one hand, of things just multiplying and growing, like we hear from the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign in Brazil – a dynamic of its own!

I am really pleased with the October Week, no, I am really happy, and I think the others noticed that yesterday when we met as National Council. Specially two developments make me happy:

The Apostolization of Schoenstatt: slowly but surely it becomes self-understood that we have apostolic projectsthat are as important as the more inward-directed self-education.I think that with this shift of emphasis we reach a new stage, we become a movement for the society, and for the church.

The other moment that impressed me most was the schooling on sexuality to the end of each one enjoying the procedure and results of the schooling. I was really surprised with the reactions to Father Güthlein's talk – not only acceptance, but sincere identification through all generations, groups, and communities. That impresses me a lot.

The motto: all is said in one expression that does not need explanation; an expression of hope and strength. So I am looking forward to the come processes in the dioceses and branches; I think that we need to come back to the motto and the process intended with it, as the dioceses and branches also see their specific things, but I am optimistic that this motto will be a mainstream…"

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