Oktoberweek Schoenstatt: 21.10.2001

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From the October Week Home to Every Day Life

"Love is stronger" - what does this new Year's Motto mean to you?
Which are your wishes for the future work? What is important for you now as you return?


Ingrid Springer, Haltern

League of Academics

"The Year's Motto is super! One does not need to think – oh, what was the motto anyway? as with the long and complicated mottos we had. This motto can accompany me throughout the day. 'Stronger' – to me, it means: a sign of hope, to not be defeated, this promise of God: Don't allow others to trample on you, to devalue you. It is an answer to all the depressive moments – whether these are the toppled Twin Towers or the trivial wars in the office. I remembered the centenary with the musical: El amor es más fuerte. We are improving! Schoenstatt can be expressed in a way that all is in. Finally a slogan filled with value. I am so happy that I will be able to share about our year's motto with other communities, on my work place and beyond, I can tell my colleagues: This is our Year's motto – and they'll understand!"


Johannes Dejon, Landau

Schoenstatt Boys' Youth

"I do not like the comparative, 'stronger' – stronger than what? But in general I can accept the motto. This October Week was marked by a new dynamic energy, and I hope that the word: "Leave the catacombs!" will become reality, that we really set out! As Schoenstatt Boys' Youth we want to make our activities more known, and more intensively use the media to this end: internet, press. Each year anew we experience: all those who participate in a camp are excited, and in the following summer we again stay with the same boys as ever. More boys need to know what we do, we offer good things. We only need to advertise!"


Johann Kiwitt, house manager of the 'House of the Families', Schoenstatt

Men's League

"Love was the central issue of this October Week. The Year's Motto fit to this and is a mirror of the atmosphere of the October Week!"


Maria and Josef Grandy, Augsburg

Family Movement

J: "We only came on Saturday; Father Angel Strada's talk left us deeply impressed. Only love can be the answer to the situation of the modern world."– M:"But love is not meant as a touchy feeling but: We do something!"- J: "We need to answer with love to the terror – this was my personal highlight!"


Erika Kraus, Augsburg

"'Young Women"

"I like the Year's Motto! This is my first October Week, but I know that we had times with longer mottos. I think we can work very well with this motto in the way how Father Beller enfolded it. It was a special to experience for the first time the big family and to know that I I am a part of it! Again, the year's motto and Father Beller's talk were my highlights! I guess I'll take a lot with me!"


Liesel Houx, Schoenstatt

Women's Federation

"The motto is wide – each branch can find their specific accents in it and can apply it to the attachment to God, the attachment to the Shrine, the attachment to others. We can apply it to the different areas of apostolate and situations. This motto can be an answer in so many ways: Love is stronger than hate, stronger than jealousy, stronger than the difficulties of life, than my pain, my limitations. This can be an incentive for every day life. The motto is practical, a challenge and a promise in the Covenant of Love.

After the talks on human sexuality I thought: it is worth while to study what Father Kentenich taught about personality, about human nature and dignity. We have to give so much to the world."


Marianne Mertke, Schönstatt

Women's Federation

"For me, Father Güthlein'stalk was the ultimate highlight – in view of contents and form and presentation. I will be worth while to later study this material profoundly and to keep working on this item, individually and as a community."


Christine and Michael Kann, Ruppach-Goldhausen

Family Movement

M: "Short and comprehensible, can be applied to many areas!" – C: "We got a good explanation and introduction, with examples from real life, touching life; Father Beller did not omit any subject that also forms the reality."- M:" I am convinced that we can work very well in the diocese with this motto." – C: "If everybody would begin and try – I guess changes would become visible!" – "With the extension of our Schoenstatt Center in Weiskirchen we got a lot of extra work. We can apply the motto to this situation."

C:"It was good that the theme'sexuality' was discussed, and I liked the way how it was predented. Father Güthlein gave us the basic ideas, now it is upon us to pass this on."


Joachim Konrad, Mainz

Men's League

"My perspnal highlight 'happened' yesterday night by the new statue of Father Kentenich. I enjoyed to see girls standing there. They said:It's cold, Father now has to wear a scarf, and that he needs some candy to share. We give something to him. I guess it was there way to say: Father gives us so much and now we also give to him. I was really happy, it was good."


Sr. M. Annetraud Bolkart, Schoenstatt

Organization of the October Week

"I like the motto very much, it is great. I am really happy that the motto is short,and that it touches life. The October Week brought us closer together as Schoenstatt family.One feels a climate of benevolence everywhere. I am also happy that, organizationally, all worked out. I also enjoy the positive responses to Father Güthlein's talk, we can sure work very well with this material."

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