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Eleven Presentations on the Possibility of Moving the Mountains and Changing (a part of) the World

(mkf) The dynamic, motivated and motivating face of Schoenstatt became visible on October 18 in eleven presentations on apostolic initiatives in church, society, politics, on the work place and with the Schoenstatt Youth.

A parish priest is moved and motivated by an October Week talk and moves a whole diocese and on October 7, 14,000 pilgrims gather by the Marian pilgrimage places of the diocese of Würzburg to join in the Holy Father's dedication on the millennium to Mary. A mother from the Federation joins with some people from the Fokolar Movement and organizes a feast of the Ecclesial Movements to the end of the founding of a common work group to coordinate efforts of the Ecclesial Movements in the diocese. A young woman manages a technology center according to Schoenstatt pedagogy and it works. A couple, parents of four small children, represent Schoenstatt in the committee of the Ecclesial Movements' initiative for the protection of human embryos and not only collect 70,000 signatures together with them but make Schoenstatt known in political, social and church areas where nobody knew about it. Only some of the testimonies that show people can move a lot when they are moved and simply begin.

Eleven Presentations on the Possibility of Moving the Mountains and Changing (a part of) the World
Sigrun Mai, Mothers' Federation, planned and organized an encounter of the Ecclesial Movements in March 2001, in the city hall in Münster.   Father Josef Treutlein, diocesan director of the diocese of Würzburg, shared about a common Marian pilgrimage to all 34 Marian pilgrimage places of the diocese on October 7, 2001 inspiration and organizating: Schoenstatt in teamwork with other Ecclesial movements.
Birgit Baumann, Heidenheim, works a director of a technology center that helps start-up companies during the first years. She works with basic elements of Schoenstatt's pedagogoy successfully.   Gertrud and Paul Gausling shared about their work with socially handicapped children and young people.
Elisabeth Helmich (l) and Monika Terhaar organized a "Flower Power Day" for 90 girls age 9 -12, their siblings, parents and grandparents and turned the audience into Flower Power people!   Dr. Sylvia Lorenz, Niederkassel, works as campaigner in the River Campaign of a Youth Environmental Association
Franz Bradler, Jagstzell, trains young people in his company not to pass the exam but to master life - with Schoenstatt pedagogy and Every Day Sanctity   Matthias Platzer, Göppingen, and Michael Degen, Erfurt, shared about their experiences with the Schoenstatt Boys Youth's camps
Dietger M Kuller, Stuttgart, and Father Georg Egle, director of the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, spoke about organizational changes in the biggest German diocese younger leaders, lay leaders of regions and Schoenstatt's commitment to actively contribute to the life of the diocese with two of their proven apostolic initiatives: the Schoenstatt Mothers' Apostolate for Life and the Family Movement's Marriage preparation courses.
Ruth and Peter Fischer, Siegburg, shared how the initiative for the protection of human embryos, in cooperation with other Ecclesial Movements, not only brought over 70,000 signatures and open doors in Berlin, but also awakened apostolic joy and creativity in many members and communities of the German Schoenstatt.   Prof. Dr. Hubertus and Theresia Brantzen, Mainz, shared about the preparations for the come Pastoral Congress 2002 and presented "Tracing God" a practical method of applying the Faith in Divine Providence - as an original and practical offer to the church.
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