October 18, 2001

Schoenstatt's Founding Day Covenant Day

A Celebration Around the World
"tenderly uniting us with a family bond - from heart to heart and from land to land."

The events, and the concerns and sorrows that people share today more than ever make clear why Father Kentenich founded an international movement.
The most dominant issues of our time and the new urgent and key tasks all have a global character:

  • the issue of violence
  • the issue of social justice among the peoples of the earth
  • the issue of human life that is threatened all over

With the Covenant of Love, the Founder of Schoenstatt, Father Kentenich, to call people to responsibility before God and service to others.
As we gather by the many shrines, in parish churches, and in our homes, we are invited to join in as members of one international Schoenstatt family with a dedicated  mission for the world. Covenant of Love means to answer in and through life to the three dominant issues

  • to live love where violence reigns
  • to try and even out injustices
  • to protect human life wherever we find it threatened.

"...tenderly uniting us with a family bond - from heart to heart and from land to land."

(Fr. Joseph Kentenich, Heavenwards)

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken, Wisconsin, USA


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