Why are They so Aggressive, Lord?

Two Weeks After – The Terror Attacks and Their Impact

It must be terrible, Lord,
When one hates so much that one wants to kill.
Of course we know the origin.
In hell, nothing is left but - utter hatred.
One can get pleasure from that – in a perverse way,
That much – that it is like an addiction.
Absolute hatred.
Hatred to a degree that no meaning, no sense is left.

The Hated you, the Man from Nazareth, Jesus.

They could not bear with … With what, anyway?
You called God "Father" – with a very affectionate word.

And your first witness: "Behold, I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God." – "But they cried out in a loud voice, covered their ears, and rushed upon him together" (Acts 7, 56-57)

They ground their teeth at him – impotent fury – love greetings from hell.

And now?

Should we talk about the stakes, the burning of the witches?
It is all not so long ago...
Only one thing is clear: this was not objectivity, thinking, judging.
That was hatred, hatred made in hell.

Hartred is when...

  • Meaninglessness meets meaning
  • Self-seeking meets selflessness
  • Self-torment – and the subtle pleasure in it – meets kindness.

Hatred is when self-chosen narrowness meets freedom.
Then they cover their ears, ground their teeth.
The challenge of the scene is obvious and up to date.

We are called – by you.

We ask ourselves:
Where is meaning and sense for me?
Where is love and friendship for me?
Where do I experience freedom?

This is an Invitation:

Let's share it, in our "Schoenstatt Meeting".
Let 's share our precious experience of meaning.
Let's share where we experience love.

These are the two basic questions:
Love: For whom do I live?
Meaning: For what goal do I live?

Let us share. Some experiences are to precious to be shared with all. Then we share with just one person:
I love you with affectionate love. With you, regulations become unimportant.

I feel free with you.

Pater Tilmann Beller

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