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Prayer in the Schoenstatt Shrines for the Victims of the Terror Attacks

Fr Tilmann Beller, Director of the Schoenstatt Movement in Germany, on behalf of the terror attacks in New York and Washington

Devastating Terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York, USA
Verheerender Anschlag auf das World Trade center in New York, USA
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Praying for the victims of the terror attacks in the United States
Wir beten für die Opfer der Terroranschläge in den USA
Pater Tilmann Beller
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The attacks in New York and Washington rocked the world. What exceeds human evilness we tend to see deriving from a demonic initiative, and we do right so. We know these demonic forces from the experience of the concentration camps in Nazi-Germany. We also know that the Blessed Mother will glorify herself especially where demonic forces tend to take over.

Behind all human realities we see a background battle. The Blessed Mother will win the victory.

Praying from than usual now

But people are affected, hurt, killed. And we pray and pray more than usual that all of those who are hit by this tragedy are in this time, are now touched by God's grace, that the Blessed Mother proves to be mother and that they gain confidence, deep in their heart. We also pray for the persons who were and are possessed by demonic forces and who are responsible for these terrible incidents. We also pray for ourselves that we become supernatural persons who more and more understand life as a battle between Divine and evil forces.

Prayer times for the victory of the Divine

In Schoenstatt, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was held on September 11/12. Shouldn't we have "prayer hours for the victory of Divine forces" in all of our Schoenstatt Shrines? Shouldn't we, maybe, also have "prayer hours for the victory of Divine forces"? We could invite neighbors and friends to join in.

We see demonic forces working when we recall the terrible events, and we also see that we are in the battle of Divine and evil forces. This battle goes beyond our thinking. The events in New York and Washington makes clear: this battle is profoundly affects human nature. Maybe we feel inspired to realize this battle in our own life, being aware that the Blessed Mother, our covenant partner, is seen by our Father and Founder as With him, we do not only call her Mother, and Queen", but also Victress.

P. Tilmann Beller, Director of the Schoenstatt Movement, Germany

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