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(POS) The number of countries and dioceses from where reports and news are shared via is constantly and significantly growing, so is the team of volunteer reporters, correspondents, translators and photographers from many countries and many branches. At the same time, the number of visits on is constantly growing - from less than 1,000 monthly user sessions in 1997 to over 10,000 each month in 2001. In July, the server statistic reported 12,308 visits on In May, a top number of user sessions, 14,682, were counted. These are only statistical numbers - the life shared, enkindled and created through the virtual Schoenstatt visits via cannot be counted.

Several communities and individuals of the International Schoenstatt Movement spiritually support the mission of with prayers and contributions to the Capital of Grace. The URL has become a trademark for the German Schoenstatt movement on the Internet, and in several other countries, is known and appreciated as a source of information and reports about the International Schoenstatt Movement.

Schoenstatt Event Data Base

A growing number of users keep asking for information about Schoenstatt events in Original Schoenstatt and at the Schoenstatt Centers - retreats, celebrations, prayer services, covenant renewals, and various projects. PressOffice Schoenstatt intends to create a database for Schoenstatt events that will be open for all those who want to invite others, and make their planned activities known via Internet. It is planned to be a self-service database; for a one-time fee of 20,00 ($18.00) for the password, and an annual fee of 12,00 *($10.00), an unlimited number of events can be added to the calendar. Users can search the event calendar according to subjects, places, participants, etc. At the same time, such a calendar can show, day by day, the variety of Schoenstatt activities.

The calendar so far is being planned and prepared; whether it will become reality, for Germany, or on a wider international level, depends on the respective Schoenstatt communities' and Centers' participation.

Those who want to use and contribute to this calendar are invited to e-mail to PressOffice Schoenstatt by the end of August.

E-mail addresses at

Schoenstatt communities, Centers and others may use their own email address at Some Schoenstatt branches already experienced - for example with the initiative for the protection of human embryos - the 'corporate identity effect' of such an address. It's possible to get such an address (fee: 0,5 / $0.45 per month) as a POP3 address. Until August 31, this offer is restricted to official Schoenstatt communities, Centers, etc. If additional e-mail addresses are available after this time, then individuals will be invited to obtain an email address at for the same fee. If interested, send e-mail to PressOffice Schoenstatt for further details.

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