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A Spring of Water for the Life of Many

25th anniversary of the Shrine in Aulendorf

The Frick family, regional coordinators, welcomed the guest by the Shrine inAulendorf
Daniel Gröber, Schoenstatt Boys' Youth, placing the symbol of a pillar by the altar as expression of the Boys's Youth gratitude for the Shrine
The Shrine - a spring of water for the life of many. Symbols - crown, Pilgrim Mother picture, pillar ...- expressed the gratitude of the various groups and branches
Foto: Näßler © 2001

(mkf) The Schoenstatt family of the Oberland (Southern part of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese) celebrated the 25th anniversary of their Shrine on June 24 with "feast around the Shrine" under the motto: Our Shrine, a spring of water for the life of many.

Several teams had prepared the big feast; the Frick family, the regional coordinators, welcomed the approximately 230 adults and many children who had come for the celebration. The Schoenstatt families were in charge of the festive Holy Mass. In his sermon, Fr. Zeller shared about the blessing that this Shrine has meant for the people in the region over the past 25 years.

Symbols expressing the Graces from the Shrine

In a dance, the children expresses the love for God that they find in the Shrine and his love for them that they experience there. The different groups and branches brought symbols to express the gifts and graces they had received. The Girls' Youth brought a crown, the Boys' Youth a pillar as sign for the ideal and identity of their branch. Mrs Hartl, coordinator of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign in Aulendorf, shared about the vocation to bring the Pilgrim Mother to all; as a sign of commitment, she placed a Pilgrim Mother picture by the altar. Children brought the symbols of bread and wine, flowers and candles - to unite all that was given and received with the gift of life that is Jesus in his sacrifice of love.

Games for the children, Memories for the adults

While the children enjoyed various games in the wide park area that surrounds the Shrine and Center, memories about the construction of the Shrine were presented to and shared by the adults. Testimonies and conversations made for an atmosphere of gratitude and encouragement. The feast ended with a benediction in the Shrine and a grill party. The Schoenstatt family in Aulendorf - one of the main centers of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign in Germany - hope that from their Shrine, streams of life and grace will flow also in future for all those who come there to rest and recharge their batteries.


With material from the report on the Homepage of the Schoenstatt Center Aulendorf, created by Andreas Näßler

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