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A Model Shrine on the 'Shrine land'

Activities of the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth in Austin, Texas

Completing the model shrine on the Shrine land in Norhteast Austin, Texas
Arbeiten am Modellbau-Heiligtum auf dem Heiligtumsland bei Austin, Texas

Teamworking on the Shrine
Teamarbeit am Heiligtum

Teh wayside Shrine and the Boys' Youth's model Shrine - two ways to prepare for the Schoenstatt Shrine
Bildstöckchen und Modellbau-Heiligtum: Vorläufer udn Vorbereitung des Filialheiligtums
Discovering talents
Da werden Talente entdeckt

Flying the kites on the Shrine land
Drachensteigen auf dem Heiligtumsland

Fotos: Hamilton © 2001

(Patrick Hamilton) Saturday July 7th, sounds of construction could be heard on the Shrine land in Northeast Austin, as the Boys' Youth and seminarist Luis Dominguez took the half-built shrine which was begun last summer, and added two main roof trusses to complete the most difficult part of the shrine. The construction of the model Shrine is part of the activities of the Austin Boys's Youth on and around the land for the future Shrine to the end of making the conquering of the land their own.

At the beginning of the Day, the boys read Fr. Kentenich’s third talk to the first Boy’s Youth, "Mary, leader into battle." From then, they consecrated the day to her and asked her to guide and inspire them.

Schoenstatt University Outreach: Operation Mario

Luis was a huge boost to the boys, and even spent the first half of the day cleaning up around the land as much as he could. Jordi is a boys’ youth leader from Santiago de Chile who just completed a year’s study in the U.S. at Marquette University in Milwaukee as a part of the Schoenstatt University Outreach called Operation Mario. It would be his last trip to Texas in his mission is the U.S., and the boys left him with a signed card of the Corpus Christi Shrine to put in his shrine in Chile and the Exile Shrine in Milwaukee.

"May a Shrine be Formed into our Heart"

Stan, John R., Jacob R., Gavin, Ben, Jacob P., Andrew, Jordi, and John H. with power drills, saws, and

screws spent about 6 hours in the Texas heat with Luis. It was quite a day, and precise calculated angle and measurements proved unnecessary for thier lumber, which for the last year in rain, snow, and cold were slightly warped, but this was not to stop 10 males with power tools. It took time, but after prayer, and a wonderful potluck lunch, the trusses were up in no time. Even some Frisbees and kites made their way into the day, but all came together for the most arduous task of linking the highest points together.

The work is not finished however, and the boys plan to come out again soon to finish the cross supporting of the trusses and the back section. What they expect from this work? "May our work and the shrine be a visible sign of Our Lady’s victory over Our hearts! May we soon have a true Shrine that we might call home, but until them, may a shrine be formed into our hearts, as Boys’ youth and a Schoenstatt Family!"

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