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Living Stones of the Future Shrine in Service of the Church and City

Blessing of the Corner Stoner for the New Schoenstatt Shrine in the Father Kentenich Center, Cordova

5 de junio, 2001: Monseñor Carlos Ñañez, arzobispo de Córdoba, celebró una misa al cabo de la cual bendijo la piedra fundamental
June 5, 2001: Archbishop Carlos Ñañez of Córdoba, during a Holy Mass, blessed the corner stone for the future Shrine
5.Juni 2001: In einer heiligen Messe segnete der Erzbischof von Córdoba, Carlos Ñañez, den Grundstein für das zukünftige Heiligtum

La piedra fundamental proviene de la catedral colonial de Córdoba
The corner stone is taken from a wall of the colonial cathedral of Cordoba
Der Grundstein ist aus der Mauer der kolonialen Kathedrale von Córdoba

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(Fr. Juan José Riba) On come September 15, the groundbreaking ceremony will mark the official start of the construction of the future Schoenstatt Shrine in the Father Kentenich Center in Cordova, Argentina. On June 5, Archishop Carlos Ñañez, visited the local Schoenstatt family and celebrated a Mass with them, during which time the corner stone for the future Shrine was blessed.

The past three months since the Schoenstatt family of Cordova had asked for to construct a Shrine in the Father Kentenich Center, have been a busy and intensive time of step by steep progress. A stream of life has slowly but surely touched and penetrated the Schoenstatt family, The majority of the branches have chosen their symbols of the Shrine that they want to conquer; the Family movement the walls, the Mothers the door of the Shrine, the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign the bell tower, the members of the Men's Youth the symbol of "Ver sacrum", the Girls' Youth the Founder window...

Commitment of the Argentine Men'sYouth

The Argentina Men's Youth, during their leaders' convention in May in Buenos Aires, decided to support the construction of the Shrine in the Father Kentenich Center. In the "Garden of Mary" where many groups meet is a gigantic poster with this information, encouraging contributions to the Capital of Grace.

Commissions Began Their Work

Presently, for commissions have been formed and began to work in view of the preparation of the new Shrine: spirituality, economy, construction, communication. Each one of them has already taken the first steps in the corresponding area.

Visit of the Archbishop and Blessing of the Corner Stone

On Tuesday, June 5, the Cordova Archbishop visited the Schoenstatt Family. He celebrated a holy Mass after which he blessed the corner stone that will be placed in the future in Shrine. The same one comes from the colonial cathedral of Cordova, extracted of its walls, and is a sign that unites Schoenstatt to the local Church reminding all that this Shrine is to be in service of the church and city.

After the ceremony that took place in the chapel, all processed to the location of the future Shrine where the Covenant of Love was renewed, for the first time with the bishop present. In the meeting with him that followed, he was informed about the projects of the Schoenstatt family; he commented that these were signs of hope nourishing his own hope.

Groundbreaking ceremony and blessing of the Shrine

On the same day, the Council scheduled the groundbreaking ceremony and beginning of construction for September 15, 2001. The blessing of the new Shrine is planned for Saturday, August 31, 2002. It is a source of joy for the Schoenstatt Fathers, this date being close to the anniversary of their Shrine of Sión.

The Lifestream of "Living Stones"

The lifestream of "living stones" continues. On the 30th of each month, many people dedicate themselves to the Blessed Mother as "living stones", crowning her. The spirituality team already prepared the next meeting for the "living stones"; as the Schoenstatt Fathers will not be available because of being on retreat, one of the parish priests will say the holy Mass.

Feast of the Family Movement

The Family Movement of Cordova is preparing a big meeting for the day of the groundbreaking ceremonies. With this they want to motivate for the conquering of the walls. The Schoenstatt family of Cordova counts on prayers and help for the construction of their future Shrine, and thanks everyone in advance for all prayers, a sign of the same love to the Blessed Mother and Christ Jesus.

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken, Wisconsin, USA


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