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"Visiting the Home of the Mother who Came to Be with Us"

Bus Pilgrimage from Denmark to Schoenstatt

Schoenstatt Pilgrims from Denmark visiting the tomb of Sr Emilie in Metternich
Schönstatt-Pilger aus Dänemark beim Grab von Schwester Emilie in Metternich

Covenant celebration in the House Chapel of House Sonnenau
Liebesbündnisfeier in der Hauskapelle von Haus Sonnenau

"Happy birthday to you!" - A birthday cake for all the guests in House Sonnenau
"Happy birthday to you!" - Ein Stück von der Geburtstagstorte für alle Gäste in der Sonnenau

Schoenstatt Pilgrims from Denmark visiting the tomb of Sr Emilie in Metternich
Schönstatt-Pilger aus Dänemark beim Grab von Schwester Emilie in Metternich
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(mkf) Most of the 35 participants of the Denmark pilgrimage to Schoenstatt had a first-time experience, when they arrived by the Original Shrine on July 20, and placed the Pilgrim Mother picture in the sanctuary. Since several years, Filipino families in Copenhagen, meet once an month, often with their Dane spouses and friends, as Schoenstatt MTA prayer group. For a long time they had longed to come to Schoenstatt with a bigger group a dream come true at the end of July, 2001.

Rosemarie and Constante Magno, the leading couple for the Schoenstatt Family in Denmark, brought the Pilgrim Mother picture along; each month, they shared, the Schoenstatt prayer group meet, with the Pilgrim Mother the center and origin of their Schoenstatt life. Now they came to the place of origin, the source of the stream of life and grace that also reaches Denmark, a country with 97% of its inhabitants being Lutherans.

Getting to know the Place of Origin

The lively group stayed in House Sonnenau, where they met with Schoenstatt pilgrims from Augsburg and several places in Germany. All those present got an idea of Filipino faith, joy, and art of celebrating life and the daily reasons to thank and praise. On Sunday morning, they not only celebrated one particpant's birthday with flowers, balloons, candles and songs, but also with a birthday cake which was shared with all those who were also in the dining room, no matter whether one could speak with each other or not.

The group visited Mount Schoenstatt with the tomb of Father Kentenich, and the Adoration Church, toured the valley, and got to know the life and mission of Sr. Emilie Engel, when they visited her tomb in Koblenz-Metternich. A boat trip on the River Rhine was also part of the program.

Holy Mass, prayer times and Covenant celebration were important highlights for the Schoenstatt pilgrims from Denmark, who were accompanied by a priest who works with the Filipino community.

"We all Love Mama Mary"

"We meet each month, and then we pass the picture of Mama Mary on to another family," shared one of the women. "We all love Mama Mary!" When the group meets, they place the Pilgrim MTA on an altar at the middle of the room, decorated with flowers and candles. The opening prayers included the little Dedication, asking for the three graces from the shrine, and placing themseves in the Shrine. Then the intentions of all the members are included while the rosary is prayed. The group also says a prayer for Father Kentenich's canonization at their prayer meeting. At the end people could choose songs to sing from the booklet of Schoenstatt prayers and songs that are provided; they use the book from the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in the United States. From there, a Pilgrim Mother picture had come to Filipino families in neighboring Sweden the root of Schoenstatt on Denmark, also.

After the prayer meeting, the pilgrim mother goes home with the next family for the whole month. This family is responsible for praying the rosary each day in the intentions of the whole group. The next meeting would be with this family. Most of the families have erected a home shrine.

"It is such a gift to be here for the first time," one woman said. "We are more than just those who could come here, we are over 50 persons to meet regularly. I want to bring them gifts from here!" Another one added: "It is a gift to visit the home of the Mother who came to Denmark to be with us!"



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