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Visiting the Places of Father Kentenich in Milwaukee

New York and Dominican Republic Pilgrimage to Milwaukee, USA, June 30 - July, 6th 2001

Independence Day in Waukesha
Feier des Unabhängigkeitstages in Waukesha

Statue of Father Kentenich
Pater Kentenich - Statue

Sisters' orchestra on Independance Day
Schwesternorchedster zur Feir des Unabhägigkeitstages am 4. Juli

Pilgrims from New York and the Dominican Republic visiting the places where Father Kentenich lived
Pilger aus New York und der Dominikanischen Republik auf Gründerspurenfahrt in Milwaukee

Schoenstatt International Center Waukesha, Milwaukee

Fotos: Sr. Teresa Blaquier © 2001

(Sr. Teresa Blaquier) A group of Hispanic Schoenstatt members from New York, and ten ladies from the Dominican Republic, came to the International Schoenstatt Center in Waukesha, Milwaukee, to for the first or repeated time "visit the places of Father Kentenich."

On June 30, 2001 a group of very nice and lively people arrived at the retreat center in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Some of them came from New York, some of them from the Dominican Republic. They joined together in one pilgrimage. Most of the people from New York had been there before. Some of them had made this pilgrimage to visit "father's places in Milwaukee" several times. They usually come at this time of the year in order to celebrate the 4th of July - the Independence Day of the United States of America. They are filled with love for the Shrines, for the Blessed Mother and Father Kentenich.

The Experience of a Father

One of the pilgrims said, "It doesn't matter how many times we have been here, we always experience our founder's presence in a very tangible way. He always has many gifts prepared for us!" Some of the New York pilgrims who were in Milwaukee for the first time said, "Sister, be sure to put me on the list for next year. I will come for sure! This has been one of my most beautiful experiences in Schoenstatt."

There were 10 ladies who came from the Dominican Republic. Most of them had not been in Milwaukee before. On the way back to the airport they shared some experiences: "We have belonged to the movement for many years. We have been in Germany and also in South America. It is our first time to visit Milwaukee, and we can say that if you want to really have a full picture of Schoenstatt and of our Father and Founder, you have to experience Milwaukee. It is a whole different aspect of our founder's life which was not known to us. It was a really beautiful encounter with the presence of our founder as a real 'father,' of a loving, kind and understanding father."

The Shrines and Places where Father Kentenich's Presence is felt

The pilgrims experienced different places in which Father Kentenich's  presence is very "present." They experienced the International Center which is on land chosen by Father Kentenich in 1963 - the Shrine, the land, the sisters who knew Father Kentenich at that time, and the Father House which is one of the greatest treasures. They went to Madison, the first Shrine in the United States, and the only Shrine which was moved from one side of the highway to the other. They visited the Shrine in Milwaukee where Father Kentenich celebrated many, many Holy Masses. They visited all of the surrounding areas where Father Kentenich's presence is very much felt. They visited the Movement House where Father Kentenich gave talks to the couples (Monday Night Talks) and visited with pilgrims. They visited Lake Michigan and threw stones in the lake as Father Kentenich did. After all these experiences and many more, they could spend time together sharing.

The sisters who had prepared the pilgrimage were very pleased to see that all the pilgrims went back home very happy and filled with Schoenstatt's spirit. They all expressed their gratitude and said, "We will be back!"


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