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A Feast of Joy for Small Christians

Liebfrauenhöhe: The Preparation for the 50th Anniversary of the Shrine has begun

Logo der Jubiläumsfeierlichkeiten auf der Liebfrauenhöhe
Logo for the come 50th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Shrine Liebfrauenhöhe: "Life with you - live with you"
"Think and run" - various games for the children ages 8 -11
"Denken und rennen" - bei den Spielen waren die 8 -11jährigen Kinder voll dabeil
Meeting the Blessed Mother and Jesus in the Shrine
Im Heiligtum: Begegnung mit Jesus und Maria in kindgemäßer Art
Fotos: Sattler © 2001

(Rainer Sattler/Birgit Baumann/ps). The Schoenstatt Center of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese, Liebfrauenhöhe, where the preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Shrine celebrated on come June 29, 2002, have begun, was the goal of approximately 300 children ages 8 - 11 from far and near on July 1. The Schoenstatt Girls' Youth and the team of the Pilgrim sisters had invited for a "Feast of Joy for Little Christians".

It was the first time that this feast took place, and approximately 300 children came, accompanied by 50 adults. The idea of the feast was to combine the religious element with encounter, game, and joy, said Sr. M. Charissa, who together with Sr. Siglinde had the organizational responsibility. Young women from the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth participated in the preparation and organization of the feast.

Children Coming to the Shrine

From 9:00 AM, buses and cars arrived, and children ages 8 - 11 began to "invade" the park of the Liebfrauenhöhe Center, many of them excited to find out what was going on here. They first went to the info desk where they got their "identity card for the feast of joy". In smaller groups, the children visited the Shrine and had a time to speak with Jesus and Mary. It was really silent in the Shrine when the children came in and stood in awe, looking at the picture of the Blessed Mother who welcomed them in her house, as they learned.

Outside, the children enjoyed games - "think and run" being the motto of a combined quiz and sports contest. The story of the poor shoemaker Fjodor who meets God three times when meeting with people, was presented with the very simple means of a performance of a "shade theater". Obviously, the simplicity of the performance was impressive for the children, it was different to TV! The little ones listened and watched with full concentration. Afterwards, the program was continued in small groups.

The Biggest Picture of the World

Because of the profound renovation and remodeling presently taking place at the Liebfrauenhöhe retreat Center, neither kitchen nor dining room service was available. The children and adults enjoyed their bag lunch and the picnic style a lot! After lunch, all were invited to unite for the drawing of the biggest picture of the world - with chalk crayons, hundreds of small hands created a picture mosaic on the bitumen. More games and fun around the house kept the children busy, until Father Biberger and Father Egle celebrated Holy Mass with them. Before leaving, all came to the Shrine again to bid farewell to Jesus and Mary.

Life with you - live with you

Feast if joy for little Christians, Liebfrauenhöhe Youth festivel, Liturgical Night - again and again, the Liebfrauenhöhe is the goal of youth and young people; they are the future of the Shrine and Center. The 50th anniversary of the Shrine on come June 29, obviously, also is turned forward to the future of the church.

"Life with you - we live with you" - this is the recently proclaimed motto of the Schoenstatt Family of the Rottenburg -Stuttgart diocese for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Shrine. The anniversary is to be celebrated as a feast of a family who invites all those living and working with them, all those who are important to them, to join in their joy in the Shrine. The organization team expects approximately 3,000 participants.

Persons from various branches have started, as main organizational team, to prepare the feast by delegating tasks to sub teams: decoration, program, finances, technical aspects, organization, liturgy, spiritual preparation, food, Public Relations, Youth Festival on the eve of the anniversary. In a first info newsletter, they informed all about the feast and invited to join in the sub teams, to provide ideas and support the preparation with prayers.


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