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Berlin for the Blessed Mother - and the Blessed Mother for a Home in Berlin

Families from Poland Regularly Meeting by the Schoenstatt Shrine in Berlin

Families from Poland meeting by the Schoenstatt Shrine in Berlin
Polnische Familien beim Schönstatt-Heiligtum in Berlin
Proud "missionaries" of the Pilgrim Mother
Stolz zeigen sie allen die Pilgermutter
During a prayer service in the Shrine, children brought symbols of gratitude: a Pilgrim Mother picture, flowers, a jar as symbol for the Capital of grace
Während der Maiandacht brachten Kinder Zeichen der Dankbarkeit: ein Bild der Pilgermutter, Blumen, ein Krug als Symbol für das Gnadenkapital
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(mkf) Polish families from various districts of Berlin regularly meet by the Schoenstatt Shrine Berlin-Frohnau, in the northern outskirts of the German capital; mid May they came for a day of Thanksgiving and Reflection on their experiences with the Pilgrim Mother. As they experience the Pilgrim Mother working for deeper community and a home in Berlin for them, their gratitude means: Berlin for the Blessed Mother!

Many young families from Poland work and live in the German capital; many small children were present, therefore, on the meeting by the Shrine. With obvious joy and pride, they carried the pictures of the Pilgrim Mother – not only for the procession to the Shrine but also throughout the day. For the families from Poland, their groups and the Shrine have become a home in Berlin. On the day before, Sr. Damiana Czogala from Schoenstatt had presented the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign to a Polish community not yet involved. One of the missionaries said: "Thousands of Polish people live in Berlin – we want to be instruments to get them know the Pilgrim Mother. Berlin for the Blessed Mother!"

"We'll join in the dedication of the Shrine and bring our friends along!"

During their meeting by the Shrine in Frohnau, the Polish families also learned about the come dedication of a new Schoenstatt Shrine in Bydgoszczc, Poland, on June 10. Some of them who are from that area or have relatives and friends there, spontaneously decided to join in the celebration and bring their family and friends along.

On this May Sunday, many Polish Marian songs resounded in the Shrine in Berlin – and also one in Spanish. A man from Cuba, married to a woman from Poland and living in Germany, with joy and emotion, spontaneously sang a song from home. Often on previous meetings he had suggested that the "gazetka", a newsletter from Schoenstatt in Polish, should be translated into Spanish so he could also understand what his wife enjoyed to read. This time he had gotten his own "gazetka" about the Pilgrim Mother – the latest issue of "Vinculo Misionero" from Argentina. "I'll read each page," he said, and added: "It's really interesting, my wife had to travel some hundreds of kilometers, and I had to travel some thousands of kilometers to meet with each other here in Berlin – and to get to know the Pilgrim Mother here!"

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