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Training how to Relax and Rest

Annual Pilgrimage from Emsdetten to Schoenstatt

Each year, the Schoenstatt family from Emsdetten organizes a tow-day pilgrimage to Schoenstatt. On the first night, they had a candle light procession from the Original Shrine to the Pilgrims' Church.
Jedes Jahr kommt eine Wallfahrt aus Emsdetten nach Schönstatt; am ersten Abend war eine Lichterprozession vom Urheiligtum zur Pilgerkirche
Alcadyr Pinto Fernandes and Maria Auxiliadora da Silva Pinto from Brasilia, Brazil, joined the Emsdetten pilgrims to come to Schoenstatt for the first time in their life.
Alcadyr Pinto Fernandes und Maria Auxiliadora da Silva Pinto aus Brasilia, Brazil, kamen mit der Wallfahrt aus Emsdetten zum ersten Mal nach Schönstatt
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(mkf) Each year, the Schoenstatt family from Emsdetten, Münster diocese, provides a pilgrimage to Schoenstatt for all those who want to get to know this Marian place of pilgrimage or want to return there again - some do so each year. This year, a couple from the capital of Brazil joined them to visit Schoenstatt for the first time. In his sermon at the first evening of their stay, Fr. Beller presented to them a four-step training program to rest and relax with Mary.

Mid May 50 pilgrims from Emsdetten came to Schoenstatt, many of them knew Schoenstatt well from earlier visits. The program included a candle light procession from the Original Shrine to the Pilgrims' Church, stations of the cross, Mass, time to share and get to know each other, and a visit to the Father Kentenich House on Mount Schoenstatt and to the Adoration Church with the tomb of Father Kentenich.

She Takes Care - a Practice to Relax

In his sermon on the first evening, Fr. Beller presented a practice to relax and rest in Schoenstatt style - a four-stage practical exercise to relax with Mary.

  1. Look
    Looking at the things that disturb or worry us, at the persons who cause us pain or unrest, helps to become a bit quieter, to not run away from the problems but face them.
  2. Place
    We can imagine to place the problems, the pain, and the sorrows into our hand, hold them in our hand for a while.
  3. Remember
    We then remember the persons who cause sorrows, we maybe think of the health problems of a loved one, of the young people who walk astray, of children who make wrong decisions or who we cannot reach anymore; it is important to do this really consciously, to dare and think of all those who are around us at home or where ever.
  4. Entrust
    We say to Mary: Accept him, her into your good motherly hands. Mary is a strong and a loving woman, and she says: I will take care - and she means what she says. When we still are upset or worried, we may hear her say: "Be patient and be confident, I already have her, him in my hands!" When we fear to lose patience, we may hear her say: "I will take care that God's plans with him, her will be fulfilled." Then we can become quiet: "Mary, for tonight I do entrust him, her to you; she/he is in your hands and so am I."

From Brasilia to Schoenstatt

Aldacyr Pinto Fernandes and his wife, Maria Auxiliadora da Salva Pinto, from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, were visiting with their daughter, living in Germany near Emsdetten. When they - by chance - heard about the come pilgrimage to Schoenstatt, they were excited. "We know the Shrine in Brasilia and the Pilgrim Mother," Maria Auxiliadora said. Although they did not know any German and could not communicate with anybody of the group, they decided to join in. Aladcyr: "I got to know Schoenstatt when I was in Santa Maria in June 1999, attending a convention of Father Octavio on talks and prayers of healing. During this time, I "found" the Schoenstatt Shrine. I came back there in April 2000. In October 2000,we participated in the feast by the Shrine in Brasilia." This was when the 50th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign was celebrated by the Shrine. Both were proud and grateful for the possibility to visit Original Schoenstatt. "Father Beller's sermon gave me a lot," said Maria Auxiliadora. "I have a lot to place into the hands of our Mother!"

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