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Set out from the Shrine - Live Schoenstatt's Mission for Church and World

Celebration of May 31 in Puerto Rico

The Schoenstatt Family of Puerto Rico celebrated the mission of Schoenstatt for the church and world on May 31 by the Shrine of Solidarity
Die Schönstattfamilie von Puerto Rico feierte die Sendung Schönstatts für Kirche und Welt am 31. Mai beim Heiligtum
Foto: Ramirez © 2001
Tomb of Dacon Jesús Pagán by the Shrine of Solidarity, Puerto Rico
Grab von Diakon Jesús Pagán beim Heiligtum der Solidarität, Puerto Rico
Foto: Perez © 2001
Fotos: Aileen Lütjens, Madrid © 2001

(Lilliam A. Ramirez) On 31 May 31st, 2001, the Schoenstatt family of this Island of the Caribbeans celebrated an event that they had prepared and looked forward to with a lot of enthusiasm. On this day, the Schoenstatt Family of Puerto Rico united spiritually with the entire Schönstatt Family to celebrate the mission of the 31st of May, the mission of Schoenstatt and each Schoenstatt member for Church and world.

When the rain finished, the celebration began. It was around 5:15pm when Deacon Francisco Lugo (Pancho) read Father Kentenich's talk from May 31, 1949, in front of the tomb of Deacon Jesus Maria Pagán, who loved and lived this mission. Having taken in the talk, the participants than spoke about it and shared their ideas about the mission of the 31st of May - the date that stands for Father Kentenich's offering of Schoenstatt to the church, especially in view of organic thinking, loving, and acting, and what it means for Puerto Rico.

Called for the People of God

Deacon Lugo invited all to set out from the Shrine of Solidarity and take the mission of the 31st of May to each corner of their country, and to each place of the world. At the end songs were intoned.

At 6:30pm., in the Shrine of Solidarity, where the flag of the 1999 Jubilee in Chile was placed, Father Mario Mastrangelo celebrated Holy Mass. The Gospel of the liturgy of the day - the Visitation -, with the Magnificat, fit into the atmosphere of the day. At 7:45pm. Lic. José Alberto Morales (Beto) made a meditation on the 31st of May. Again, songs resounded. When the meditation was finished, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed.

The celebration finished with a get together with cakes, juice and a lot of joy!

Mission Commitment: Sharing Schoenstatt with Others

"It was an encounter of inheritors and friends who live around the Blessed Mother," said José Alberto Morales, President of the Pontifical Catholic University, Puerto Rico. "It is obvious that we recieved a strong inspiration for this first 31st of May after the death of Jesus Pagán and that our desire was not only to talk and to give testimony, but to renew the 31st of May, and to commit ourselves to this task, and this is what we did. The only thing I have to say now is that I feel joy in my heart, in the Easter experience of Charlie and of Jesús María Pagán". Jesús María Pagán, who had been the Apostle of Schoenstatt in Puerto Rico, died in January; he lives in the hearts of the Schoenstatt members of Puerto Rico. Aidita Bracero said: "We are convinced that God and the Blessed Mother chose Deacon Jesús María Pagán as instrument of the 31st of May, and that he now chooses us to bring this mission to the people of God". - "The impression of today day is something that makes everybody think because we must give example of Schönstatt to the people that’s outside, "said María Sellas, a member of the Girls' Youth. "We talked about a commitment with our Blessed Mother and we have to fulfill it. And we have to do it by giving an example at the place where we are. We have to give the example."

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