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Time to Talk, Time to Play, Time to Pray for Fathers and their Sons

Schoenstatt Family Movement of Austria initiating Father -Son Weekend

Father-Son-Weekend in Austria: an initiative of the Schoenstatt Families
Initiative der Schönstatt-Familienbewegung: Vater-Sohn-Wochenende
Fathers and sons by the camp fire
Väter und Söhne am Lagerfeuer
Time to play, time to talk
Zeit zum Spielen und Reden
Fotos: A. Neubauer, Linz © 2001

(Andreas Neubauer) Fathers and sons spent a weekend talking, playing and praying together on a farm near Ottnang in Austria, on May 19/20, 2001. The Father-Son Weekend was sponsored by the Schoenstatt Family Movement in cooperation with the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth.

The objective of this weekend was to enhance the relationship between fathers and their sons. The Father-Son weekend began with a soccer match. After supper, a Schoenstatt Father gave a talk for the fathers, while the boys ages 10 - 13 worked on a list of questions as base for the conversation on Sunday morning. After the camp fire in the evening, the boys had a night walk in the nearby forest, a big fun for all.

"I had needed something like that with my other boys"

Fathers and sons spent the night in tents for two. After the extensive talk time on Sunday morning, the meeting ended with a Holy Mass and lunch. Fathers and sons gave very positive comments on this initiative. A father said: "This weekend was good for both of us. I had needed something like that also with my two other boys."


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