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Welcome for Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz in the Cenacle Shrine in Bellavista

Celebration of the 31st of May in Bellavista, Santiago, Chile, with more than 1,000 Participants

Cardinal Errázuriz in Bellavista, May 31, 2001
Kardinal Errázuriz in Bellavista, 31.Mai 2001
May 31, 2001: Concelebration in the Holy Spirit Church, Bellavista, with Cardinal Errázuriz
31. Mai 2001: Festgottesdienst mit Kardinal Errázuriz in der Heilig-Geist-Kirche, Bellavista
Cenacle Shrine, Bellavista, Chile, on Pentecost
Coenaculum-Heiligtum, Bellavista, Chile, an Pfingsten
Statue of Father Kentenich by the Shrine in Bellavista - symbol for his mission entrusted to Schoenstatt
Statue Pater Kentenich beim Heiligtum in Bellavista - Zeichen für die Sendung des Gründers, die Schönstatt anvertraut ist
Pentecost Vigil: seven candles for the seven gifts of the Spirit
Pfingstnacht: sieben Kerzen für die sieben Gaben des Heiligen Geistes
Pentecost Vigil by the Shrine in Bellavista: Come, Holy Spirit!
Pfingstnacht beim Heiligtum in Bellavista: Komm, Heiliger Geist!
Cenacle Shrine, Bellavista, Chile, on Pentecost
Coenaculum-Heiligtum, Bellavista, Chile, an Pfingsten
Fotos: Angie Santos © 2001

(Angie Santos) Since weeks, the Schoenstatt Movement in Chile had been looking forward to the day of the official welcome to recently appointed Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz on the land of the Cenacle Shrine in Bellavista. May 31st, the day when the Third Milestone of Schoenstatt's history that took place in this Shrine and the mission that Father Kentenich entrusted to the Schoenstatt Family are remembered, a big number of Schoenstatt members and friends gathered in the Holy Spirit Church in Bellavista to honor Cardinal Errázuriz in view of his election as Cardinal.

On a cold Chilean fall night, more than 1,000 members of the Chilean Schoenstatt Movement and from other places got together in the Holy Spirit Church for the Eucharist, commemorating once again the mission of May 31st. In this year, the celebration had a special touch as it was also meant to pay homage to a "son of Bellavista", the Archbishop of Santiago and Cardinal of the Church, Schoenstatt Father Francisco Javier Errázuriz. The 1,000 or so participants witnessed the entrance of the Cardinal, accompanied by many concelebrating priests, deacons, and mass servants with great joy and emotion.

During his sermon, the Cardinal who had just come from the extraordinary consistory in Rome gave a reflection on the central message that surged from this meeting – a central element of Schoenstatt's spirituality. The Holy Father, he said, stated that the focus of the Pastoral of the Church should not only be charity, solidarity, but sanctity. In order to put out into the deep ("Duc in altum", Novo Milenio Ineunte), it would be necessary that each member of the church decided for a radical way of life – holiness.

Homage to Cardinal Errázuriz

Holy Mass was followed by homage to Cardinal Errázuriz, taking place also in the Holy Spirit Church. Texts were read about the history of Cardinal Errázuriz from his beginnings as member of the Schoenstatt Men's Youth in Bellavista, and the visit of the Father and Founder to this place: "A wide solitary meadow, lost in the wide areas of the Cordilleras, with a group of enthusiastic youth believing in the word, the vision, and mission of a prophet. You were among then with all the youthful energy, believing in Schoenstatt. The Founder said that he was proud of this youth, that he left from here in peace because he knew that he had not fought in vain…"

With songs in between creating a joyful atmosphere, and young people carrying flags into the church, other chapters of the Cardinal's life were mentioned up to the climax: "And then came February 22. We had a new Cardinal, he was one from us, one of these young people who had conquered the heart of the Founder, one born in the shadow of the Cenacle, sent by the fire of Pentecost."

Later, the Capital of Grace that had come in for the Cardinal since Holy Week was mentioned – consisting of many small deeds and sacrifices offered for him.

Excelling this homage, Father Luis Ramirez, Superior Provincial of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Chile, said some words full of joy and emotion. First of all, he welcomed the members of the Schoenstatt family who came for Santiago and other places in Chile. He mentioned that the Superior General Family of the Schoenstatt Institute of Families was present as well as the Superior General of the Brothers of Schoenstatt. He welcomed the mayor of La Florida – the place of the Shrine -, and specially welcomed Kikí and Guillermo Tagle, members of the Families' Federation in Chile who last year suffered a severe car accident of which they miraculously recuperated. In this moment, all those present broke into a long, loud and joyful applause; the entire Schoenstatt family of Chile, and many Schoenstatt members in other countries had joined in praying and offering their deeds and sacrifices for them. After this, the Cardinal received a great applause, and Father Luis Ramirez, in a very familiar way, gave to him the gift that had been chosen for him, a bronze unity cross that for many years had been with now severely sick Father Hernán Alessandri.

After this solemn moment, all processed to the Cenacle Shrine to renew the crowning that Father Kentenich did on June 5, 19149, and that was renewed during the 50th Anniversary on May 31, 1999, together with the entire international family.

Afterwards, coffee and tea were served in the Pilgrims' Center, and all could meet and share as a family.

Come, Holy Spirit! Pentecost in Bellavista

In this year, May 31st was in the days before Pentecost, the moment and place that gave name and ideal to the National Shrine of the Schoenstatt family in Chile. On the day before Pentecost, June2, the Schoenstatt Youth branches organized a Vigil in the Holy Spirit Church. After prayers for the descend of the Holy Spirit and songs in the church, a special moment of meditation took place in the Shrine. A youth, dressed as Mary, went and solemnly lit seven candles, carried by young people, symbolizing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Mass in the Holy Spirit Church followed this meditation.



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