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"And Always Time is Too Short!"

Schoenstatt Mothers from Madrid Spending a Week in Schoenstatt

The mothers from Spain joined in the May Opening by the Original Shrine, continuing with their own songs in Spanish
Die Mütter aus Spanien schlossen sich dem Maieinzug beim Urheiligtum an und sangen im Anschluss spontan spanische Lieder
For many of the mothers, the time in Schoenstatt meant a deepening of community experience
Vertiefung des Gemeinschaftsbewusstseins - für viele eine tiefgreifende Erfahrung
Farewell dinner in House Sonnenau
Schlussabend in Haus Sonnenau mit festlichem Abendessen
Time to pray and to reflect on the experiences: House Chapel, House Sonnenau
Zeit zum Beten und Verkosten der vielen Eindrücke: Hauskapelle Sonnenau
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(mkf) "It's like when persons who like each other very much did not see each other for an eternity and then suddenly are together: so much to share, always and everywhere time is too short!" Summary given by one of 40 mothers from Madrid, Spain, who had been to Schoenstatt more often, after one week in Schoenstatt. At the end of their Schoenstatt stay, the mothers from Madrid shared about their first, second or repeated encounter with Schoenstatt, the origin and spiritual center of the international Schoenstatt Movement.

The Schoenstatt Mothers participated in the May opening in Schoenstatt and contributed spontaneously with songs. The time in the Founder Chapel, the visit by the tomb of Sr. Emilie Engel in Koblenz-Metternich, the Shrines in Schoenstatt: "That gives courage, it is like reloading the batteries for a very long time." Before leaving for Madrid, they spent a time in the Original Shrine - time to thank and to bid farewell. And again, time is too short!

"I would like to come forty times to Schoenstatt!"

"I have a longing in my heart to come here again," said a woman. "Each visit is different, each one is special, and always so much is left a at the end that I would like to do and say and see." Why is it different each time? Heidi Lohmüller, 38 years, mother and in charge for the pastoral of families in the diocese of Madrid, has been to Schoenstatt once, several years ago: "Some of the texts in the Father-Kentenich-House placed my own history into a new light. I got the sensibility to discover God in every day life's encounters. The baptism renewal in Gymnich, the encounter with Father Kentenich in the Founder Chapel and the renewal of my covenant with him, the awareness of being responsible for his mission and for his canonization, and specially my Covenant Renewal in the Original Shrine - that was genial!"

"I am here for the 4th time, and I would like to come forty times to Schoenstatt! Schoenstatt has such a richness, each time one can discover something that one did not know," said Consuelo Valdeuama. "This time I understood how Fr. Kentenich lead Sr. Emilie, that is a special gift in view of all fears and for all those in fear in our society." - "I was here already five times, and each time I like it more," adds Ma. Rosario Bellido Molto. "Schoenstatt has a strong impact on me because of the holy atmosphere. What I take home is a bigger joy and a new mission consciousness. It is necessary to share all that I received at this beautiful place."

A "Beautiful Place"

Schoenstatt - a beautiful place that is the meaning of the German expression "Schönstatt". Not only in the figurative meaning - the beauty of the nature and the "culture if the holy place" also speak. Answering to the question of how she experienced Schoenstatt, Aileen said: "A beauty with a strong impact, a place where the soul opens for God." - "For me, the Shrine is a piece of heaven on earth, a place of experience joy, hope, generosity. Everything in oneself opens....", said Ma. José Cedillo.

Begoña Rotache de Gortázar, 70 years, came to Schoenstatt for the first time: "When I entered the Original Shrine for the first tome, with all that I had tried to imagine in years - it was overwhelming!" - "I thought I saw the hero sodalists sitting in the Original Shrine," said Hannelore Hartwig. "Being in Schoenstatt for the first time means to better get to know his life. What I liked most ins the joy each one radiates."

"The Evangelization of the Whole World: That is Spain, that is my Family!"

After one week Schoenstatt setting out for every day life again - what remains from all of the experiences, what will illumine every day life and work? "I am filled with good resolutions, and I hope to put them into practice! May be my happiness is contagious!" Comment of a woman who had been in Schoenstatt for the first time and experienced Schoenstatt like heaven.

"That Father Kentenich lives on through my life," this is Ma. Victoria Fernandez' wish. She understood the Founder and his life better through concrete testimonies at the places of his work. The awareness of the mission and responsibility grew: "I need to take the goal of the Evangelization if the whole worlds more seriously. The whole world: that is Spain, that is my family, and through this, the whole world."

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