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Covenant Colors

Views and Encounters around the Original Shrine in May 2001

From South Africa and Italy to Schoenstatt: Josephine Catania (Rome and Cape Town), Edda & Assunta Valente, Johannesburg, Guiliana Tumiotto, Rome (l to r)
Von Südafrika und Italien nach Schönstatt: Josephine Catania (Rome and Cape Town), Edda & Assunta Valente, Johannesburg, Guiliana Tumiotto, Rome (v. l. n. r.)
Foto: PressOffice Schönstatt, mkf © 2001
Covenant of Love in Rome: Guiliana Tumiotti and two other members of the small Schoenstatt Movement in Rome
Liebesbündnis in Rom: Guiliana Tumiotti und zwei andere Frauen aus der kleinen römischen Schönstattfamilie
Foto: Romano Macro, Rom © 2001
"I think that God created this fountain specially for me!"
"Ich glaub, den Brunnen hat Gott extra für mich gemacht!"
Ingrid Sauter (r), Johanna Weithmann (l): "We had a lot of work to do at home, but we simply wanted to come to Schoenstatt on this weekend to thank the Pilgrim MTA for her visits!"
"Zuhause liegt schon ein Berg Arbeit, aber an diesem Wochenende wollten wir einfach nach Schönstatt und der Gottesmutter danken!"
A rose from Mary for the Mothers on Mothers' Day
Eine Rose von Maria für die Mütter zum Muttertag
Fotos: PressOffice Schönstatt, mkf © 2001

(mkf) Early in the morning on May 31, during the Holy Mass in the Original Shrine, the congregation thanked for all the gifts received during May, the month of Mary. During an unusually sunny May visitors from all over the world came to Schoenstatt, bringing their Covenant history and original Covenant colors to the place of Schoenstatt origin - some of them ready to share their riches with all via

May 12 - 14, four ladies from Rome and South Africa came to Schoenstatt. Guiliana Tumiotto, of the Schoenstatt Movement in Rome, had been looking forward to join a pilgrimage from Rome to Schoenstatt. As the pilgrimage fell through, a friend, Josephine Catain of Cape Town, South Africa, who lived in Rome for years and comes there often, decided to go to Schoenstatt with her, inviting her two cousins from Johannesburg, Assunta and Edda Valente, to also come with - making for a small but vibrant pilgrims' group of four. Guiliana: "I made my Covenant of Love in the Cor Ecclesiae Shrine in Rome, in May 1999. It helped me tremendously to work through the death of my husband. I am glad to be here. You know, for us Italians it is totally strange to go to a Marian place of pilgrimage in Germany, as Italy is the country of Marian devotion. We of the very small Roman Schoenstatt Movement need to live Schoenstatt in our Italian mentality." Josephine is happy to meet sisters whom she knows from Rome. "I belong to Schoenstatt since 1961," she shared. Her two cousins, sisters, are in Schoenstatt for the first time. Edda: "I know the Shrine in Johannesburg,

"An Italian name!"

Studying the displays of magazines from all over the world in the room of PressOffice Schoenstatt, Josephine and Guiliana want to know more about the Schoenstatt Pilgrim MTA Campaign; copies of magazines from Argentina are made. "I never thought that I could understand Spanish," Guiliana said, "but I simply want to know more about this! You know, Pozzobon is an Italian name!" Josephine is grateful for an English information leaflet about the Campaign. "Many blacks in our country are leaving the Catholic faith and turn to sects or other churches," she says. "We should find new ways to give people a home, to offer them hope and meaning."

"Thank you for this beautiful place!"

A teenage boy is waving at some Schoenstatt Sisters sitting by the Original Shrine. A parish pilgrimage from the Würzburg diocese is paying their farewell visit to the Original Shrine. The boy, along with other Mass Servers, carried the flags. "We liked it here, thank you for this beautiful place!"

Ingrid Sauter from Weisenhorn, Allgäu, came to Schoenstatt with her friend, Johanna Weithmann - because she wanted to show her the place from where the Pilgrim Mother set out to visit her. Johanna Weithmann: " 'When the Pilgrim Mother is in my house, I always feel a tremendous joy! She really works, she is present, and she is real! I am always looking forward to her visit. When she is with me and I have to face difficult situations with my work in the social service, I am not afraid, because she comes with. I always take her along and enjoy her peaceful company!" Ingrid Sauter: "After the first enthusiasm with the Pilgrim Mother, I also had to face difficulties. Some very conservative persons worked against it, some families did not want to continue. Then I thought, I have to do more than just passing of the picture. So I began to pray for the families to whom the Pilgrim Mother would come. I pray the rosary for each family. When I came to the Original Shrine today, I told the Blessed Mother: I won't give up, I want you to come to each family!" Pointing at a picture of Joao Pozzobon, she adds: "Johanna, this is the man who began it all, and he also did not give up! He believed that the Blessed Mother should come to all!"

A Rose for the Mother(s)

Early in the morning on May 13, Mothers' Day, Schoenstatt mothers from the Freiburg diocese headed to the Shrine by Marienland. Often, they had brought a rose as a gift to Mary - on this morning, it was different! Mary was awaiting them with a rose for each one of them. "I gave my rose to an old sister whom I met the day before," one of the mothers said. "She told me, our of the blue: 'I have the best room in my house, I can always see the sun and the Shrine!" This hit me - because I was so dissatisfied with my house. The Blessed Mother used this sister as an instrument to help me see my house with her eyes. For the Sister, the surprise rose also meant a special greeting from the Mother of God: "This morning, I had told the Blessed Mother: Now this is Mothers' Day and I don't have a single flower for you. And here she comes, bringing me a beautiful rose!"





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