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May 2001

Gebet am Urheiligtum: Pfingstnovene 2001
Pater Rummel SAC bei der Begrüßung in der Wallfahrtskirche der Pallottiner. Im Hintergrund Pater Nietzsche SAC von der Theologischen Hochschule der Pallottiner, der die Ansprache hielt.
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Pentecost Novena by the Original Shrine: Opening on Corpus Christi

The Pentecost Novena by the Original Shrine, a common prayer time sponsored by the Vallendar parish, the Pallottine Fathers and the Schoenstatt Movement since 1993, this year had the theme "To be a missionary church in the Holy Spirit." On May 24, when the feast of Corpus Christi was commemorated, the novena was opened with a prayer service and sermon in the Pallottine Pilgrims' Church. Pallottine Father Nietzsche, a professor at the Pallottine College, gave the sermon, speaking about the need for missionary spirit. Each person, the Church teaches, can find the way to the one God, but knowing the best and most secure way to find a home in him and to one's own perfection, he said, would mean the task and obligation to show this way to others. Like each relationship, the relationship with God would grow deeper the more one would have invested in it; thus the efforts of searching and finding would be worthwhile. We should ask the Holy Spirit to give us the strength to use each situation and each conversation to genuinely and naturally share the joy of our faith. At the end of the prayer service, the participants - approximately 250 persons - processed to the Original Shrine where the blessing was given. On the following days at 8:00 PM a prayer service would take place by the Original Shrine, each one prepared by another community, with the themes taken from the German Bishops' letter about the missionary spirit of the church

Im Taborheiligtum auf dem Marienberg: Die Verantwortlichen der Männerliga aus den deutschen Diözesen
Foto: Basler

Schoenstatt Men's League Leaders' Convention

"Being Creative in Everyday Life - with God" - this is the motto of the German Men's League for the coming year's programs. The leaders from the dioceses met at the end of April, working especially on the subject of Everyday Sanctity. Professor Dr. Hubertus Brantzen, Mainz, gave two talks on work - professional work as participation in God's creative work, building up human community also. Professor Brantzen encouraged the men to look for an organic view of their work, including the religious, social, and ethical aspects of work - thus also working with more responsibility and qualification. Three of the participants gave short complementary talks, testimonies from their daily work. A central element of the convention was the preparation for the Men's pilgrimage on the feast of the Holy Trinity, June 10.

Jörg Ziegler

A Day for Children after First Holy Communion, Parents and Catechists from Oberhausen-Buschhausen

On May 5, 2001, 61 children of St.Joseph's parish in Oberhausen-Buschhausen who had celebrated their first Holy Communion came to Schoenstatt together with their parents, the catechists and other youth. They arrived at 4:00 PM in House Sonnenau with two busses and two minivans. When all had gotten their rooms - not too easy as the house was booked to the last bed - they relaxed with games outside in fresh air and sunshine.

Discussion groups, crafting, a video presentation of their First Holy Communion, and a night walk were part of the program on Saturday. On Sunday after breakfast, all headed to the exhibition in the Mission House - one group by bus, the other one walking. The two groups took turns to visit the Founder Chapel by Father Kentenich's tomb. They went there in silence after a short explanation and introduction given in the Adoration Church. Michael Schulte of the Families' Federation who came with the group said, "For me it was a moving experience to see the children from my parish and their parents at the places that have been my life for years!" In the Sonnenau House Chapel, Father Manfred Odenwald (Priests' Federation), who had worked in this parish, celebrated Holy Mass with the group. Happy memories from the good old times were shared. The time to bid farewell came too soon.

Michael Schulte, Oberhausen

Pilgrimage from Poland

From an area near the Ukrainian border, dioceses where Schoenstatt is not yet known, a group of Polish pilgrims came to Schoenstatt on April 27 - 29. They came from Prague, heading for Banneux, on their tour of European Shrines. The group visited the Original Shrine, Founder Chapel, and many other places in Schoenstatt, including introductions to Schoenstatt as all except the priest were first-time visitors. The priest, Stanislaw Argrasinski, had gotten to know about Schoenstatt through the Pallottine magazine in Poland. Spontaneously he had decided to visit Schoenstatt soon after, in late fall 2000, and to bring his parish here

Foto: POS, Archiv

Pilgrimage from Belgium

On May 15, a group of pilgrims came from the French part of Belgium - a really mixed group with ages ranging form 8 months to 80 years! A sister from Switzerland who is presently working in Schoenstatt gave them a tour of the Adoration Church and Founder Chapel in French. With the arrival of spring, the pilgrimage time in Schoenstatt has begun again. Almost each day, busloads of pilgrims from all areas of Germany are arriving. The Pilgrims' Mass on Sunday is often also visited by families and individuals from the area.

May Benediction in the Original Shrine and Adoration Church

Each day in May, benedictions were held to honor Mary -at 4:00 pm in the Original Shrine and at 6:00 PM in the Adoration Church. Most often, the doors of the Original Shrine had to remain open to accommodate the many participants.

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