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"You are Really Totally Great!!!"

'Little Princess Sara' on the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth Easter Retreat in Schoenstatt

Little artists preparing the stage for "Little Princess Sara"
Kleine Künstler machen Kulissen für "Die kleine Prinzessin Sara"
Music team - a real talent show
Musik-Team mit wahren Talenten

Boat trip on the river Rhine - heading for Stolzenfels Castle
Auf dem Rhein unterwegs nach Schloss Stolzenfels

A royal surprise: the boat trip
Eine königliche Überraschung: Schiffstour
Fotos: POS, Fischer © 2001

(Kathrin Bieler) "You are really totally great!" - Believe it? The Easter Camp of the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth of the Trier diocese was meant to pass on this conviction to 55 girls ages 9 - 12 who, along with 10 leaders, met in House Sonnenau in the week after Easter.

"Each girl is a little princess, didn't your father tell you that?" A question asked in the movie "Little Princess Sara", watched by all at the beginning of the camp, set the tone for the week. The key words of the week resounded again and again when the girls intoned the camp song: "You are really totally great!" It was more than a song. The girls experienced that each one is a little princess and - totally great.

Musical: Little Princess Sara in 2001

The group discussions were on the idea of being a princess: When am I a princess? And what do I have to do to be a princess? The answer they found: We are princesses because Mary is our Queen.

Usually, the camps end with a talent show. This year, all was different - the teams prepared for a musical. Music groups, dance groups, actors, and artists for decoration of the stage competed. The musical was presented to the parents who had been invited for coffee, refreshments and cake (and to pick up their princesses) at the end of the camp. The title of the musical? Hard to guess: "Little Princess Sara in the Year 2001".

Feeling that Each One is Important

Next to the practises for the musical, a number of activities took place. A special "royal surprise" was a boat trip on the river Rhine. On Stolzenfels Castle the girls could feel like princesses at home! One girl shared during the common night prayer on that day: "It was a busy day, but I could feel that each one is special and important. Me too."

A Friend Who Never Leaves Me Alone

The girls took many experiences and insights back home, above all the clear knowledge: I am totally great in the eyes of God, I am a princess. The surprise highlight of the camp was the Marian Apostles' dedication of 30 of the girls at the end of the week. Girls ages 9 - 12 (and not only them) need a friend who is at their side and never leaves them alone - and they found Mary offering her unconditioned friendship to them.

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