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From the Original Shrine to People Waiting for a Visit

New Pilgrim MTA Pictures Blessed on March 18, 2001

March 18, 2001: The graces from the Original Shrine shall flow to many families and individuals in Germany through the Pilgrim MTA
18. März 2001: Durch die Pilgerheiligtümer sollen vielen Menschen mit den Gnanden vom Urheiligtum in Berührung kommen

Father Matthias Rummel SAC, director of the Original Shrine, blessed the Pilgrim MTA pictures
Pater Matthias Rummel SAC, Rektor des Urheiligtums, segnete die Pilgerheiligtümer

The smaller Pilgrim MTA pictures are those to be taken along when visiting elderly or lonely persons
Die kleineren Pilgerheiligtümer sind für den "Besuchsdienst Pilgerheiligtum", für Besuche bei Kranken, Alten, Einsamen.

Volunteers from the Cologne diocese.
Freiwillige Helferinnen aus Heimersheim, Diözese Köln.

Frau Gondro, secretary, sending the newsletter to approximately 3,000 persons.
Frau Gondro beim Versand der Rundbriefe; sie gehen an etwa 3.000 Kontaktpersonen, die sie weiterverteilen

"I want to buy another tape with the songs from Schoenstatt, the first one died because I listened to it too often!"
"Kann ich bitte noch eine Kassette mit den neuen Liedern aus Schönstatt haben, meine leiert vom vielen Abspielen!"

Fotos: PressOffice Schoenstatt, mkf © 2001

(mkf) Early in the morning of the Covenant Day in March, after the 7:00 AM Holy Mass, many new Pilgrim MTA pictures were blessed in the Original Shrine; the graces from the Shrine are to touch people in every corner of Germany. On the altar, placed in front of the Pilgrim MTA pictures for families, were 50 smaller pictures meant for people waiting for a visit.

Father Matthias Rummel, the rector of the Original Shrine, suggested praying the prayer from May 2000, when representatives from all pilgrim MTA groups had gathered for a feast in Schoenstatt. He patiently waited after Mass until all of the Pilgrim MTAs were placed on the altar, or on the communion rail and on the floor because the altar was too small to take all of them! In his prayer, he asked for graces and blessings from this place for all who would receive the Blessed Mother's visit: "Give your blessings to all who, through these Pilgrim MTA pictures, get into contact with this Shrine; and let the visit be for us a constant reminder to open the doors of our hearts and homes for Christ."

Visited by Mary - in a Nursing Home in Aulendorf

Several persons, among them also Sr. Lubia from Santa Maria, Brazil, where the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign began in 1950, stayed and took pictures of the moment! Silently all renewed the Covenant of Love, remembering all those who in any way are attached to the Original Shrine and the streams of grace flowing from here and back from the thousands and thousands who fill the Capital of Grace.

Already on the evening of March 18, the first one of the Pilgrim MTA pictures for visits was entrusted to a missionary, Sr Silva. She said, "From the very beginning, I was excited with this idea and wanted to convince women from the elder generation of the Women's League for this apostolate; but to my surprise and disappointment, there was only mild interest, if any. Instead, hesitation, fear, arguments. I realized that I could not incite life through theory. I should first try it on my own. So I volunteered to be missionary. So often I am asked to visit older members of the Women's League in nursing homes. I only had to take the Pilgrim Mother along. I am convinced that this is not just a picture; the Blessed Mother in person wants to come and visit with the lonely and sick ones." On March 19, 2001, she traveled by train to the Schoenstatt Center in Aulendorf for a meeting. "I was so excited with this mission that I placed the Pilgrim MTA on the seat in the train. Many people looked at her!" The other day during the short break after lunch, a league member told Sr Silva that she was going to visit Anne, who belongs to her group and is living in a nursing home nearby. She asked if Sister could go along. "At first I hesitated, time was so short anyway. But then I remembered the Pilgrim MTA and went along. I don't regret this decision!" The elderly league member, Anne, was well enough not to have to stay in bed, so they sat in the living room, where several other women sat, many of them demented or apathetic. Anne welcomed her three visitors – the sister, the league member, and, most of all, the Pilgrim MTA. Sister Silva had taken her guitar, and they all joined in singing Marian and Schoenstatt songs.

Social Dimension of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign

The Pilgrim MTA pictures for visits are a bit smaller than the other ones for families and are entrusted to people who commit themselves to visit a number of lonely persons each month, taking the Pilgrim MTA to them. This idea came from the Congress in Santa Maria (with the social dimension of the Campaign according to the model of João Pozzobon) and from the ideas of people who already visit lonely people. Loneliness is a severe problem in Germany, especially with elderly and sick people. It would add a new quality to their visits, the "quality" of our MTA setting out from the Shrine to visit those who are alone.

While the last song was being sung in the nursing home in Aulendorf, another visitor entered the room. "Too bad that I missed this," the lady said. "What is going on here?" – "We are visited by the Blessed Mother," said Anne, with joy in her eyes. Spontaneously, Sr. Silva took the Pilgrim MTA pictures to each of the ladies in the room. "It really touched me," she said. "Each of them smiled, each of them reacted." The visitor wanted to know everything about this initiative and finally said, "I want to do this in this nursing home." Asked why, she responded, "I am no Schoenstatt member, but I am visited each month by the Pilgrim Mother. I know and experience that she brings grace."

Volunteers' Work

Before March 18, three volunteers, retired women from Heimersheim, Cologne Diocese, worked extra shifts in Schoenstatt for the Pilgrim Mother, ironing bags, folding tape covers, and especially cleaning the glass for the new Pilgrim MTA pictures. "We love to work for the Pilgrim Mother," one said, without interrupting her work for a single minute. "She does so much for us!" Participants of retreats, pilgrimages or workshops in Schoenstatt regularly drop in the office – some of them missionaries who want to pick up material and newsletters. Others ask for the material for First Holy Communion, May benedictions, or "A Good Word for Each Day." Mrs Arndt from Fulda came to buy another tape with the new Schoenstatt songs. "The first one died already because I used it too often. These songs help me to have my little Schoenstatt at home."

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken, Wisconsin, USA


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