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Encounter with Cardinal Errázuriz in Schoenstatt

What does Father Errázuriz' nomination mean to you? What was the reason for you to join in this celebration today?

Wolfgang Helbach, Vallendar Mayor

First of all, the nomination is a great honor for Schoenstatt, as well as for Vallendar. When a leading person has lived and worked here for 20 years, and also tried to enhance the contacts with the population, then this person for me is a Cardinal from Vallendar, a Vallendar Cardinal! I imagine that he will make publicity for Vallendar, also – not directly, but via Schoenstatt, that still is called "Schoenstatt near Vallendar". Maybe one day we will say: "Vallendar near Schoenstatt". I take this as a recognition of Schoenstatt. Without being a member of the movement – though the Pilgrim Mother of Schoenstatt is visiting my office each month – I take this nomination as a clear sign that Schoenstatt is fully accepted in the church. I am sure aware of Schoenstatt's meaning, especially as here is the world center of this movement. Then one also has to understand why Schoenstatt has to have a strong presence here. I want to do what ever possible in the city council to support Schoenstatt in its development. Back to the Cardinal: from the few personal encounters I can only say – a noble person!"



Josef Erlemann, Head of the Fraternity of City Guardians, Vallendar

The Vallendar parish has close relationships with the religious communities here, with the Pallottines, and with Schoenstatt. I have a personal relationship with Schoenstatt since we had a shop, a bakery, and that made for good contacts. Also today, as head of the fraternity of city guardians, and as head of the parish council, I have a good relationship with Schoenstatt, and I wanted to personally greet the Cardinal today. As a committed Christian, this is simply joy!


Mamy Basima Mwanawabene, Congo, Candidate of the Institute of the Ladies of Schoenstatt

Today I came here from Belgium, more by chance did I run into this party. It is a big event and a big joy, a real big event for Schoenstatt, and I am full of joy!



Sr. Maria Loreta, Chile

This is a profound impression and a great joy; I got to know the future Cardinal in Chile. He is total Schoenstatt, such a son of our Father and Founder, such a Schoenstatt person. That he became Cardinal is a real and personal joy to me. He belongs to the family and will work for the universal mission of Schoenstatt from Chile.


Dr. Inge Birk, Superior General of the Institute of Ladies of Schoenstatt

When I walked ahead to the Pope with the Cardinal, on February 23 in Rome, it was so beautiful that one could not think! Personally, I think that this nomination is extremely meaningful, and we do not yet have totally understood what it means and need to reflect on it. The creation of the new Cardinal is an answer to Schoenstatt's mission for the church. But we say that so quickly, what does it actually mean? Mean regarding this person, and what is Schoenstatt's answer? We still have to reflect on the meaning for the international movement. It is beautiful and important to celebrate this event here at the place of our origin, but we yet have to ponder on the spiritual dimension. Schoenstatt for the church – what does that mean? Schoenstatt for the persons who represent us in the church? I guess that the responsibility of Schoenstatt is growing.


Michael Fuchs, Schönstatt Institute of Families, Switzerland

We were the last group of families to visit Father Errázuriz when he was working in Rome. Two days later, he was appointed bishop of Valparaiso. We hope to get hold in Rome now, that our relationships with Rome deepen. Our course has a strong inclination towards Rome, since we, in 1980, had to share about Schoenstatt experience there, with an audience of 10,000. Four years ago, we made a pilgrimage to Rome, as a course, in the footsteps of our Founder. That was a special experience.



Erika Kraus, Ettringen

The meaning – exactly what the Cardinal said, referring to the Pope's decision. To me, this is a Schoenstatt event and a church event today, and to participate, is a special event! For me, it is beautiful to meet with the entire Schoenstatt family, that does not happen so often. To meat all these people, to hear where they belong and what they do, that's fascinating! We are just preparing an important retreat on Pentecost, we want to offer special retreats and workshops for women age 20 – 30, and are now planning how to proceed. It's a beautiful side effect to experience this day!

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