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January /February 2001

Birgit Brömmel, Wesel, bei einer Veranstaltung im Pater-Kentenich Haus
Foto: PressOffice Schönstatt, hbre © 2001


Wesel/Bad Kreuznach: Thesis on Sr. Emilie

On February 15, 2001, the Lutheran Institute for Health Care Research, Bad Kreuznach, accepted a thesis on Sr. Emilie Engel. Birgit Brömmel,Wesel, worked on the basis of the theory of generalized resistance resources, applying the subject to person-centered health care and nursing, according to Aaron Antonovsky's model of salutogenesis. In her thesis, Birgit Brömmel works on the resistance resource of "religiosity" as it worked in the life of Sr. Emilie Engel. A sense of coherence, fruit of a sense of comprehensibility, sense of manageability, and sense of meaningfulness, is crucial for a person's ability to cope with stress, and all sorts of health-affecting influences. Picking up the research done by Larson, Pargament, and Benson, the author shows that Emilie Engel developed a strong sense of coherence through her faith, especially the belief in a loving, merciful God, and that, at the time of her sickness, Father Kentenich helped her to understand and manage her sickness and to give meaning to it. Birgit Brömmel also highlights the importance of the organism of natural and supernatural attachments for the development of this sense of coherence in Emilie Engel's life. Birgit Brömmel, a member of the Professionals and long-time teacher at a school for nurses in Wesel, used the biography on Emilie Engel, "Mein Ja bleibt," (so far only available in German) as the basic source of her work.

Borken: Students Raising Funds for School in India

"A step for us - a chance for you" This was the motto for a hike taken by all of the teachers and students of Borken St. Mary's school. Not for fun - they had asked parents, teachers, siblings, relatives, shop owners and physicians to sponsor each step of the hike for their partner school in India, the Schoenstatt Sisters' St. Mary's school in Bangalore. The students gave a check for over 25, 300 DM (appr. US$10.090 to two Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary from India.

During Holy Mass in the Church in Simmern
Gottesdienst in der Pfarrkirche in Simmern
Foto: PressOffice Schönstatt, mkf © 2001

Simmern/Hunsrück: Pilgrim Mother Brings Polish, Russian, and German Families Together

"I am overjoyed with the new life of faith and the new sense of community that was created in my parish through the Pilgrim Mother," said the Simmern parish priest, describing the result of a meeting of families who receive the Pilgrim Mother in their homes. Simmern in Hunsrück was one of the towns where the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign began in Germany through the initiative of families from Poland, who first invited Russian families who had moved to Simmern and then asked the German people to also join. The Pilgrim Mother brought Poilish, Russian and German families together in this town.

Munich: Schoenstatt Fathers' Conference

The Schoenstatt Fathers working in the German Schoenstatt Movement met in the Schoenstatt Center in Munich for a conference. The subject of the presentation given by Freiburg Professor Schockenhoff and the following discussion was the ideal of Christian marriage on the background of changes in society.

Dietershausen: Brochure

The Schoenstatt Center in Dietershausen by Fulda published a new brochure about the Center, Shrine, and surrounding area.

Bamberg: Year's program online

Since mid-January, the year's program of the Bamberg Diocese and Schoenstatt activities around the Shrine, along with clips from the press, are available at:

The Superior General of the Sisters of Mother Theresa in the Shrine in Bujumbura
Die Generaloberin der Schwestern von Mutter Theresa im Heiligtum in Bujumbura
Group picture in front of the Shrine in Mont Sion, Bujumbura
Gruppenfots vor dem Heiligtum in Mont Sion, Bujumbura
Foto: Schönstatt, Bujumbura © 2001


Unity Cross Unifying Sign

A surprise visit from the Superior General of the Sisters of Mother Theresa of Calcutta to the Shrine in Bujumbura, Burundi, revealed the unifying meaning of the unity cross. Mother Theresa had a unity cross on her rosary, and the unity cross is well known and loved by the sisters of the community. This was explained in a short talk given by the Superior General in the Shrine. She came with three other sisters on December 19, 2000. Father Zingg explained what the unity cross means for Schoenstatt.

Fr. Edwin Germann / Fr. Josef Barmettler


Cambrai: Advent Pilgrim Mother Activity

The preparation for Christmas 2000 in the Cambrai Diocese's Solesmes-Ouest (7 towns, 90,000 inhabitants) had been marked by 60 Schoenstatt MTA pictures travelling to over 700 houses during Advent. On Christmas Eve, more than 450 people came together, among them many who were not active in church life before. The sanctuary was filled with the pictures, little cribs, boxes with money given for poor children in Togo, and boxes with prayer intentions. A miniature MTA picture was given to all of the families who had participated. Father Fleury had gotten the inspiration when reading Father Esteban Uriburu's book on Dom João Pozzobom: "140.000 Kilometers With The Virgin" (140.000 km caminando con la Virgen). He has meanwhile translated the book into French. Parts of this book and experiences from the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign from all over the world are published regularly in the French Schoenstatt family's newsletter.

Le Lien N°13

Shrine in Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires
Heiligtum in Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires
Foto: Schönstatt, Buenos Aires © 2001


Jubilee Year of National Shrine Opened

On January 20, the year of the 50th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Shrine in Florencio Varela by Buenos Aires, was opened with a festive Holy Mass. On his way to the exile in Milwaukee, USA, Father Kentenich dedicated the 'Shrine of the Father' in Florencio Varela on January 20, 1952. On January 20, 2002, on the 60th anniversary of Father Kentenich's decision to accept his way to Dachau, the Argentinean Schoenstatt ffamily will celebrate the 50t anniversary of the Shrine.

Online Lenten Retreat

During Lent, an online retreat is offered with daily inspirations for Lent - texts from Father Kentenich, meditations, stories, and testimonies referring to this liturgical time, combined with subjects from Schoenstatt's spirituality: Everyday sanctity, belief in Divine Providence, instrumentality, Covenant of Love, freedom, childlikeness. The messages are posted on The author is Mario Jorquera, a Chilean living in Argentina, who enspired co operation of Schoenstatt members from different branches in Germany, Spain, United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile, and Argentina. The online retreat can also be obtained via e mail (also in Portuguese and English); for subscription: or

Angela Santos


Father Kentenich – Pioneer of This New Time

As church and society are changing drastically, pioneers are wanted and needed. Father Kentenich, the founder of the Schoenstatt Movement, was a pioneer who dared to do experiments not in a lab but in the 'lab of faith,' as John Paul II called young people's journey towards a personal experience of faith and of God himself. Father Kentenich envisioned the new man in the new community with universal apostolic character. At the beginning of the new millennium, the Austrian Schoenstatt family wants to pick up the Founder's pioneer spirit. The year's motto: Pioneer of this new time


The men's youth working on the land on Feb 15.
Schönstatt-Mannesjugend im Einsatz - 15. Februar
Symbol for the Austin Schoenstatt family's striving for a Shrine: "A garden of Mary"
Zeichen für das Streben der Schönstattfamilie von Austin: "Ein Mariengarten"
Fotos: Patrick Hamilton © 2001

Austin, Texas: Working on the Land for the Future Shrine

"Schoenstatt really is cool... Schoenstatt really is fun! Schoenstatt really is a beautiful way to live!" that's the conviction of young Austin Schoenstatt members. "Many people are finally seeing the urgency with which the USA needs Schoenstatt, and we are all working very hard to make it grow." In mid-February, eight young men worked on the land which has been designated for the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth of Austin. They cleared a lot of the brush and made an area for building fires, and they plan to make a Marian Garden with an urn where they can put their petitions. They are also planning some camping retreats there. The Austin Schoenstatt family closed the Jubilee Year there on January 7: "The celebration was very beautiful and touched many people in its representation of how, when we longed for a saviour, Jesus Christ was born; how, when we turned away, we becamelonely again, so again we long for a saviour; and how our Mother, Mary, brings us Christ again; and how we must bring Christ to everyone by weaving the net of love."

Patrick Hamilton

Chile/Iquique: Logo - Schoenstatt Iquique
Heiligtum "Oasis de Maria" in Iquique
Shrine "Oasis of Mary" in Iquique
Foto: Schönstatt, Bujumbura © 2001


National Boys' Youth Camp

From January 4 -12, the 25th National Camp of the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth of Chile took place. The boys united in the motto "Sodalists today".Like the first Schoenstatt members, who were high school boys like them, they want to be ready to serve Schoenstatt's mission as Father Kentenich's allies. As a community, they sealed the Covenant with Father Kentenich whose mission they want to carry into the future.

Website of the Schoenstatt Family of Iquique, Chile - Centenary pictures and map of Shrines

In August 2000, the Schoenstatt family of Iquique created a website with the name of their Shrine: Mary's Oasis. Material, links, reports and pictures from activities of the Iquique Schoenstatt family are meant to intensify the attachment to the Shrine and to each other, says Pedro Lazaro. Special 'bits' on this website: texts and pictures from the centenary in Schoenstatt and Rome in September 1985, and a map of all the Shrines in all of the Continents:


Schoenstatt Families from Belgium: Pilgrimage to Cambrai

Schoenstatt families from Belgium met on January 21 with Father Sidney Fones by the Schoenstatt Shrine of Unity near Cambrai, France.

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