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Apostolic Nuncio Visiting New Shrine in Puerto Montt

Recently dedicated Schoenstatt Shrine Joy and Pride of Schoenstatt Movement

December 12, 2000: Bishop Luigui Ventana, Apostolic Nuntius in Chile, visiting the Shrine in Puerto Montt
12. Dezember 2000: Bischof Luigui Ventana, Apostolischer Nuntius in Chile, nach dem Besuch des Heiligtums in Puerto Montt
Shrine in Puerto Montt, Chile - with gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean
Heiligtum in Puerto Montt, Chile- mit Blick auf den Pazifik
18.11.2000: Einweihungsfeier des Heiligtums: Mit großer Freude wird das Bild der Dreimal Wunderbaren Mutter von Schönstatt ins Heiligtum gebracht.
The new Shrine - joy and pride of the Schoenstatt family of Puerto Montt
Das neue Heiligtum - Stolz der Schönstattfamilie von Puerto Montt
Shrine in Puerto Montt, Chile
Heiligtum in Puerto Montt, Chile
Fotos: Schoenstatt, Chile © 2001

(mkf) Soon after the dedication on November 18, the Apostolic Nuncio in Chile, Bishop Luigui Ventura, was asked by Diocesan Bishop Bernardo Cassaro to visit the new Schoenstatt Shrine in Puerto Montt. He did so on December 12, 2000. Diocesan Bishop Cassaro had dedicated the Shrine and appointed it as a place of pilgrimage during the Holy Year.

He really had to pay a visit to the Schoenstatt Shrine, Bishop Cassaro told the Nuncio when he visited his diocese in December. "Our Bishop likes the Schoenstatt Shrine so much, he feels really at home there," shared Eduardo Mas of Puerto Montt. Thus, the Nuncio's busy schedule was re organized and a time set for his visit at the new place of grace. Both bishops went tothe Shrine, where they prayed the Angelus with members of the Schoenstatt family. An informal meeting and sharing with the two bishops followed.

"Downpour Like in Bellavista in 1949"

The Shrine in Puerto Montt, situated on top of a hill with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean, was dedicated on November 18, 2000. Representatives of the Schoenstatt Movement from all over Chile joined in the celebration, as well as many people from Puerto Montt and the surrounding areas, braving the chilly wind gusts and heavy rain. "It reminded us of Bellavista," said Maximiliano Silva of Valdivia. "It also poured for the dedication of the Shrine in Bellavista in 1949!" Only briefly did the sun come out. That was exactly at the moment when the MTA picture was carried into the Shrine. That deeply touched all of us. Immediately afterwards the downpour continued, heavier than ever!"

Twelve new Schoenstatt Shrines in 2000

The Schoenstatt Shrine in Puerto Montt was prepared by the local Schoenstatt Movement with an abundance of help from the Capital of Grace. The MTA picture traveled to all of the parishes of the diocese before the dedication. On those occasions, Schoenstatt was introduced in the parishes. In the Year of Grace 2000, a record number (12) of Schoenstatt Shrines were erected, more than within any other year before – three in Brazil (Brasilia, Cornelio Procopio, Poços de Caldas), two in India (Irinjalakuda, Madurai), two in Germany (Paderborn, Bamberg), one in Poland (Zabrze/Gliwice), England (Bolton/Manchester), Peru (Trujillo), Chile (Puerto Montt), and Paraguay (Ciudad del Este).

Eduardo and Karin Mas, Puerto Montt, and Maximiliano Silva, Valdivia, Chile, contributed to this report.

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken, Wisconsin, USA



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