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People who participated in the "Ten Minutes by the Crib" on January 7, 2001

share why they came, what they enjoyed most and what this experience means to them.

Mass servers from Thomm near Trier

"The play was the best!" "I was a shepherd!" "And I read a text!" "That was super, we could do something, and we could play!" "A friend is a sister in Schoenstatt, she invited us. We came with two minibuses, it's two hours to go." "I liked the tea and the cookies!" "We came very early to find a place!"

Hans-Joachim Flock, Güls

I was here for the first time; my wife and son were here last week, and they liked it. That's the reason why we came again today. Too bad that the church was so crammed! On the other hand, that means many others like it and feel comfortable here. I appreciate this as a contrariety to the commercialized Christmas. It's the joy here that makes it so special."

Rudolf Nickenich, Koblenz-Moselweiss

"We came last year because we read about it in the local newspaper. We liked it so much that already then we decided to come again this year. We brought our youngest grandson. It's a great experience for children - but also for adults. Look, I brought my mother along! Children are not used to celebrate Christmas as we older ones did it when we were little. Here we can experience 'our' Christmas and share this with our grandchildren, they can sing the carols... Last year our oldest grandson carried the star, he was moved he looked as if his beatification was just around the corner! Of course I took a picture. He was really excited and proud."

Monica Geissler, Lahnstein

"We liked it very much, we came already for the third time this year once with my brother, once with a friend, and once just me and my daughter. For her, it's already the fourth time, because she came with her grandparents, also. I did not think she would stay that long, but she enjoyed it!"

Heribert Nick, Emmelshausen

"We were here for the first time, and we liked very much how the children are involved, it is really made for children, children are the center of attention. I asked my colleague last week whether he had an idea what to do with children on Sundays, and he answered: "Go to Schoenstatt. Carols are sung and they appreciate children." We did not know about this before."


Monika, and Norbert Beck, Obernhof/Lahn

"Last year we heard about the nativity scene here, and so on the Sunday after New Year we went here and found out about the singing. Our youngest one was too small then, and the older one was totally excited, and it was clear that we would come back this year. The church was very full last year, but that was another Sunday, not the final one. But this year I never saw so many people in a church. We did not know that it was also during the week maybe next year we'll come on a workday. The crib is very, very beautiful."

Manfred Busch, Agnes Fischer, Anne Rohm, Leuteroth, Wirges/Westerwald

"We are here already for the third time, we like it so much! We came each year, and now we came three times within one week. We always join in the Corpus Christi procession here, and we often come on Sundays. We just like this beautiful place."

Linda and Lukas Rosenkranz, Herdorf

Linda: "I liked it very much, and I had a bell." Lukas: "And I had a star." Linda: "I only looked at the other kids. The stars were the best."


Dr. Roman Fink, München

"The nativity scene is enchanting, and when so many children are sitting by the crib, you sense not just feel, you really sense that children are a treasure, a human treasure, a treasure on mankind. I hardly ever experienced that as powerfully as I did today. Looking at the faces of the children you see the whole range of difference. And one is common: This is the future. To see this future here in Schoenstatt can really obstruct your conviction that it is too late anyway. It is not."


Hermann Schmitz, Plaidt

"Schoenstatt is known here. I was on a retreat in Schoenstatt once, and my wife was a student at the school here, 45 years ago. On Sundays, we sometimes come here, but we did not know that such an event would take place here, that so much happens here. On Sundays, we often say: 'We go to the chapel'. That's Schoenstatt. We never made it to Mount Schoenstatt before; I was in the Adoration Church for the first time. I am surprised about this beautiful church. And you know - the tea is excellent!"


Sr. M. Anne-Meike Brück, Schönstatt in charge for the 'Ten Minutes by the Crib'

"This year more than 10,000 persons came, at least 1,000 more than last year. What would Christmas in Schoenstatt be without the 'Ten minutes by the crib'? You can't think of Christmas without this any more. So many people volunteered to help set up the barn, to bake cookies, or to help as traffic guide, to serve tea and cookies, or to help with the children's program in the church and they did so with commitment and much joy!"

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