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Christmas 2000 in Schoenstatt

Geburtsgrotte in Bethlehem
Grotto in Bethlehem - the star
Foto: Archiv
Children are "stars" of the day!
Kinder sind mit Sternen und Instrumenten dabei!
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December 25, 2000

Christmas - Celebrating 2000 Years Since the Birth of Christ

Around the World, the Miracle of the Holy Night is celebrated. Christ was born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. Mary wants to bring Him to the world anew, He who brings peace, love, and hope. Each Schoenstatt Shrine a place of Christ's rebirth. Midnight Mass will be celebrated in Schoenstatt on December 24 beginning at 11:45 PM.

December 26, 2000

Ten Minutes by the Crib - Christmas Experience for Thousands

Since the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary started the "Crib Singing" in the Adoration Church in 1997, the Christmas season on Mount Schoenstatt is marked by this event, one that attracts thousands of people each year from the area, especially families with children. Already by the first week of Advent, sisters and volunteers start to set up the crib scenery with innumerable details. Beginning December 26, ten minutes of meditation and singing followed by some Christmas songs will be offered each afternoon. Children are involved with instruments and a "star dance." Those close to God and those far away can just come to visit, and many of them are drawn closer to Jesus and Mary. One of the most intense moments: All are invited to write the names of their loved ones on a paper star and place it by the crib. Several people send such stars by mail! Each night before the church is closed, these paper stars (sometimes more than 1,000) are placed on the carpet in the Founder Chapel to entrust all those people and their needs to the intercession of Father Kentenich. The Adoration Sisters especially pray for each and every one whose name is written on a star. Christmas tea and cookies are served all afternoon in the former barn near the Adoration Church. "Ten minutes by the crib" is also offered at several Schoenstatt Centers in Germany: Borken, Oberkirch, Frohlinde, Aulendorf, Kösching.

Times in Schoenstatt, Germany -- December 26, 2000 through January 7, 2001, at 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM (on December 30, 31, and January 7 only at 3:00 PM). English program: December 30, 1:00 PM, with additional visits to other manger scenes in Schoenstatt.

December 31, 2000

Beginning the New Millennium with Adoration and Eucharist in Schoenstatt

In Schoenstatt, the beginning of the third millennium all over the world is celebrated by adoration of the Blessed Sacrament beginning at 5:00 PM (Middle European Time) in the Adoration Church, and ending at 8:00 AM on January 1, 2001. Soon after midnight, at 0.30 AM on January 1, a festive Holy Mass in honor of Mary, the Mother of God, is celebrated.

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken, Wisconsin, USA

Gottesdienstzeiten in den Weihnachtstagen

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