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Fifty Pilgrim Shrines for Fifty "new" Countries:

International Encounter of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, Santa Maria

Original Pilgerheiligtum

Shrine in Santa Maria, Brazil
Heiligtum in Santa Maria, Brasilien

Peregrina en la gruta de Nazareth
Pilgerheiligtum in der Verkündigungsgrotte, Nazareth
Pilgrim Shrine in the grotto, Nazareth

"Königin, nimm die Krone!"
"Queen, accept the crown!"

In Argentina
In Argentinien

Fotos: Schoenstatt Brazil © 2000


The 50th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, started on September 9, 1950 by João Pozzobon, was the reason for an International Congress in Santa Maria with 145 delegates from thirteen countries: Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, United States, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland and Croatia. In an atmosphere marked by fraternity and gratitude for the extraordinary gift of life and of grace through the Campaign, experiences were shared and the identity of the Campaign evaluated as well as its relationship with Schoenstatt, Church and society. Pilgrim Shrines travel in over 80 countries.

The Schoenstatt Sisters in Santa Maria proved not only to be very hospitable, displaying that typical warmth of Brazil, but they also organised all of the many details that are necessary for such an event. It was said that this had been ‘an historical encounter.’ A Schoenstatt Sister of Mary from Santa Maria shared: "We see Father Kentenich's words, that a 'worldwide movement' would spread from here, fulfilled. Santa Maria was again the 'stage' where our MTA's victory march was proclaimed!" The important thing was the consolidation of the Campaign in America and the challenge of a common road with other countries – mainly Europe – in the future. "Unity in diversity" was the perspective – to be faithful to the spirit of the campaign, and, at the same time, to enjoy the many colours of the Campaign in the different cultures and settings. Important was the presence of so many Movement Leaders. The association between the Campaign and the organized Movement, not so evident some years ago, was expressed with this. The great challenge: the formation of the laity that carries the Campaign, together.

Significant Talks and Group Discussions

There were three conferences. The first was given by Father Guillermo Carmona, on: The Identity of the Campaign and its Relationship with the Schoenstatt Movement. It was a valuable contribution to see the foundations of the Campaign and to be able to clearly note differences and similarities. Father Antonio Bracht gave the second talk on: The Relationship Between the Campaign and the Church. The third talk was a presentation given by several Sisters from different countries, with an introduction by Sr. Mariela from Argentina, about the social dimensions of the Campaign, something so important in the life and work of João. The group discussions were held in different languages. Despite some problems with the language barrier – Spanish, English, German, Portuguese were spoken, – a world of valuable testimonies was shared.

Pilgrim Shrines for countries not yet ‘Touched by the Pilgrim Mother.’

Following an initiative of Brazil, 50 Pilgrim Shrines were blessed and sent out in the final Eucharist on November 5 - pilgrim shrines for countries not yet touched by the Pilgrim Mother.. The Brothers of Mary donated the pilgrim shrines. Each country present became responsible for some of these new destinations -so that, by 2014, people from these places should be visited by the Blessed Mother! A culminating moment of the encounter was the testimony given by Mr. Arendes. He spoke of how João Pozzobon suffered when the campaign, at the beginning, was not accepted, and he related many not so well-known episodes from his life. The visit to Joao Pozzobon's tomb, prepared by the Ricciardi family of Mendoza , was a special moment for all. The last moments of the life of João Pozzobon were related and part of his testament was read. "We are very proud of the Brazilian Schoenstatt Movement’s contribution to our Founder's work," said a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary in Santa Maria. "Soon everybody in Brazil will know the MTA; she is 'starring' so often on the TV. And each time, we then receive phone calls from enthusiastic people who have seen her!"

English edition: Marlene Peter, Harare, Zimbabwe


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