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Pope entrusts the Future of Humanity to Mary

October 8, 2000: Dedication of the 3rd Millennium to the Blessed Mother

Pope John Paul II kneels in prayer in front of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima and a crucifix during the Sacred Mass for the Jubilee of the Bishops
Papst Johannes Paul II vor der Statue der Gottesmutter von Fatima während der heiligen Messe bei der Jubiläumsfeier der Bischöfe
Foto: Plinio Lepri (AP) © 2000
The Pope invoked Holy Mary's protection for the world, its people and the Church in the third millennium
Der Papst vertraute die Welt, die Menschen und die Kirche des dritten Jahrtausends der Gottesmutter an
Foto: SOLT © 2000
Schoenstatt, 3:00 PM - 15.00 Uhr
Schoenstatt members gathered by the Original Shrine, joining in the entrustment of the 3rd millennium to Mary
Schönstätter sind beim Urheiligtum versammelt, um die Weihe des dritten Jahrtausends an Maria mitzuvollziehen
Foto: PressOffice Schoenstatt © 2000

(NE, mkf) Together with Bishops from all over the world, Pope John Paul II presided at the closing ceremony of the Jubilee of Bishops and solemnly entrusted the world to Blessed Mary at the beginning of the new millennium. The ceremony took place before the image of the Virgin of Fatima, especially brought from Fatima for this occasion.

The presence of so many Bishops, said the Pope during the celebration, makes St. Peter's Square look like "a great cenacle". The image of the Virgin of Fatima, "which we have the joy to welcome among us, helps us to relive the experience of the first Apostolic college, united in prayer in the cenacle with Mary, the Mother of Jesus."

After the Mass and before the Angelus prayer, the dedication took place, during which the Pope entrusted the destiny of humanity to the Virgin Mary. "The Church today, through the voice of the Successor of Peter union with so many Pastors assembled here from every corner of the world, seeks refuge in your motherly protection and trustingly begs your intercession as she faces the challenges which lie hidden in the future."

"We Wish to Take You Into Our Home"

During his prayer addressed to Blessed Mary, the Pope said that "today as never before in the past, humanity stands at a crossroads... And once again, O Virgin Most Holy, salvation lies fully and uniquely in Jesus, your Son. Therefore, O Mother, like the Apostle John we wish to take you into our homes that we may learn from you how to become like your Son."

"To you, Dawn of Salvation, we commit our journey through the new Millennium so that with you as guide all people may know Christ, the light of the world and its only Savior, who reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen".

In Nuevo Schoenstatt, Florencio Varela, Argentina, approximately 4,000 Schoenstatt members and friends joined in this consecration, one of the highlights of the Holy Year, and at the same time celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign. The Schoenstatt Pilgrim Shrine Campaign, reaching out to several million people in over 60 countries, is a concrete means of new evangelization, a true dedication of the third millennium to Jesus and Mary.

In Budapest, Hungary, a family who had gotten to know Schoenstatt on a retreat joined a Schoenstatt Pilgrim Shrine circle on this day.

In Stuttgart, Germany, the group leaders of the Schoenstatt Men's League of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart Diocese had their leaders' convention October 6 -8. The regional superior of the Ladies of Schoenstatt passed on the dedication prayer to them, and the men prayed it during their closing prayer service in the Shrine. "We consciously joined in the celebration in Rome and entrusted the 3rd millennium to the Blessed Mother," shared Gebhard Basler.

October 8, 2000, in Schoenstatt

It was a short notice initiative of Father Marmann, head of the General Presidium, that inspired representatives of all Schoenstatt communities and Pallottines to join in the dedication of the Third Millennium to Mary during the usual Sunday benediction in the Original Shrine at 3:00 PM. Approximately 150 persons gathered there, and after praying two decades of the rosary, prayed the Pope's dedication prayer.

An Argentinean student, studying in Freiburg, Southern Germany, came with her German friend to join in this dedication in Schoenstatt. The two yyoun women were exited to be present during the celebration in the Original Shrine. "My friend and I also fulfilled a wish we had in our hearts for a long time. We sealed our Covenant of Love in the Original Shrine on this special day!"

Material from "Noticias Ecclesiales", October 9, 2000, (NE) and SOLT was used for this article.

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken, Wisconsin, USA

Prayer: Fortsetzung

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