Schönstatt - Oktoberwoche

October Week
Semana de Octubre


in Schönstatt

Pilgrimage to the Shrine in la Paz-Achumani, Bolivia

Covenant Celebration on October 18

Shrine in Achumani - La Paz, Bolivia
Heiligtum in Achumani - La Paz, Bolivien
Fotos: Schoenstatt, Bolivia © 2000

(Fabian Aguirre, La Paz ) Approximately 30 persons celebrated the Covenant of Love on October 18 in the Shrine in Achumani , La Paz. They prayed the rosary and read parts of the First Founding Document of Oct 18, 1914.

They prayed specially for the pilgrimage on Saturday, October 21, when 500 800 people were expected to come to the Shrine for the annual pilgrimage. The Archbishop of La Paz, Monsignor Edmundo Abastoflor, wanted to lead the celebration, along with priest the parishes of Achumani, San Miguel and Alto Obrajes. For that day, the Shrine of the Mother Thrice Admirable is bestowed with all the graces of the Jubilee 2000 pilgrim places. This pilgrimage takes place at least once a year on a different day. Pilgrims come to the Shrine from all over La Paz city to pay back the visit of the Blessed Mother to their homes during the campaign of the Pilgrim Mother (Virgen Peregrina).

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