Schönstatt - Gründungstag

Patronage in the First MTA Church in the World

Covenant of Love in Belorussia

MTA Church in Mosty, Belorussia - patronage: October 18
MTA-Kirche in Mosty, Weißrussland - Patrozinium 18. Oktober
Dedication of the MTA Church in Mosty, Belorussia
Weihe der MTA-Kirche in Mosty, Weißrussland
Inside the MTA Church
Inneres der MTA-Kirche
Fotos: Schoenstatt India © 2000

(mkf) In this Holy Year 2000, the first church in the world honoring the MTA will be dedicated – the new church in Mosty, Belorussia. The church's dedication is scheduled for Schoenstatt's founding day, October 18. The MTA parish will commemorate the dedication on the following Sunday; but the Schoenstatt Movement, and especially the Schoenstatt Girls Youth, prepared for a special celebration: fifty girls prepared to seal their Covenant of Love.

The parishioners are welcome to join the Schoenstatt celebration on October 18. Twenty young women prepared to seal their Covenant of Love, thirty younger girls wanted to give themselves to Mary as Marian Apostles. Fifty other young women decided to consciously renew their Covenant, and seven or more want to erect their home shrines.

On October 22, a festive Holy Mass will be celebrated at 12:00 Noon. Schoenstatt members and friends from Grodno and other towns are expected to join in the celebration of the church's dedication.

Sisters from Poland brought Schoenstatt to Belorussia soon after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Especially through the Pilgrim Shrine Campaign, many people came into contact with Schoenstatt. When plans for the construction of a parish church came up, these parishioners asked that it be dedicated to Mary, the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt.


English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken, Wisconsin, USA



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