Schönstatt - Gründungstag

Crowning in the First Asian Daughter Shrine

Act of Gratitude Ten Years after the Dedication

Shrine in Nagasandra, Bangalore - the first one in Asia
Heiligtum in Nagasandra, Bangalore - das erste in Asien
Inside Shrine - "awaiting" the moment of the crowning
Inneres des Heiligtums - in Erwartung der Krönung
Procession from the Shrine
Prozession vom Heiligtum aus
Fotos: Schoenstatt India © 2000

(mkf) The Schoenstatt Movement in Bangalore, India, prepared for a long time for the crowning of the MTA in the Schoenstatt Shrine on October 18, 2000. Bishop Pinto of Bangalore will lead the celebration.

Various teams of Schoenstatt Sisters, Schoenstatt Fathers, and members of the groups and branches tried hard to spiritually prepare for the crowning and to organize the feast. The crowning is an act of thanksgiving for all the miracles of grace that the Blessed Mother worked in the past ten years since the dedication of the first Asian Daughter Shrine on August 15, 1990.

Bishop Pinto of Bangalore will lead the celebration. A growing number of pilgrims joined in the celebration of October 18 in and around the Shrine in Bangalore in past years, often with more than 1,000 participants.




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