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The Great Day of the "Mater" October 18

"Team October 18" in charge

Each year, 40,000 and more pilgrims visit the Shrine in Tuparenda on October
18 Jedes jahr kommen 40.000 und mehr Pilger am 18. Oktober zum Heiligtum in Tuparenda
Main Holy Mass by the Shrine in Tuparenda, October 18
Zentrale heilige Messe beim Heiligtum in Tuparenda, 18. Oktober
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(Roberto Gebhardt) Since several months, the "Team October 18" is working for the great day of the Mater, October 18 by the Shrine in Tuparenda. Each person of this team is in charge for one field of work. Due to the political and economical crisis in Paraguay, not so many pilgrims are expected to come this year probably no more than 35,000 or 45,000. Five big parking lots are prepared, and Schoenstatt members are ready to serve as "traffic guides".

Each person in the "Team October 18" created an own team, and during the final session, the work done by these teams was evaluated and coordinated. Approximately 430 persons are involved in the preparatory work.

The main efforts are on October 18 itself, when thousands of pilgrims come to the Shrine. Families, mothers, professional women, members of the boys' and girls' youth, and pilgrims are in Tuparenda on this day, ready to serve all those who come.

One team was in charge for the liturgy. Three Holy Masses are said on October 18, each one with a bishop as main celebrant. This team consists of 15 couples, some mothers and professionals, and a Schoenstatt Father.

This year, the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth prepared a special welcome for all of the pilgrims. The team of the Pilgrim Shrines erected a stand by the "portico" of the future Pilgrims' Church, where the coordinators can get the year's sign for their Pilgrim Shrine.

Big screens are erected, so that through video everyone can see the Shrine all day. The choirs provide songs and music, which can be heard all over due to a good system of loudspeakers.

The team in charge for the illumination of the entire area on the evening of October 18 places hundreds of lights by the Shrine, on the ways, by the big Unity Cross and also decorated the trees around with lights.

The annual pilgrimage to the Shrine in Tuparenda is the second largest in the country.



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