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Upcoming Schoenstatt Events - October 2000

Future Shrine in England
Werdendes Heiligtum in England
Foto: Schoenstatt in UK, © 2000

October 1, 2000

Dedication of the "Shrine 2000" in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

For years, the English Schoenstatt Movement has longed and striven for their first Schoenstatt Shrine. On October 1, 2000, the shrine will be blessed. Various teams and committees prepared for the celebration of the dedication of this shrine, led by the vision: "Shrine 2000". A few weeks before the celebration, the shrine is still under construction; but this only causes greater anticipation!


Shrine in Alto Paraná, Paraguay
Heiligtum in Alto Paraná, Paraguay
Foto: Schoenstatt in Paraguay, © 2000

October 1, 2000

Dedication of the Schoenstatt Shrine in Alto Paraná, Paraguay

The construction of the third Shrine in Paraguay, in Ciudad Este, Alto Paraná, was completed in mid-September. In January 2000, the groundbreaking for this shrine took place. On July 2, Bishop Claudio Gimenez of Caácupé, presided at the laying of the corner stone and the blessing of the "Ycuá", a well close by the shrine. The bell for the shrine, spiritually and materially worked for by the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth, was blessed on August 27. Schoenstatt was brought to Alto Paraná in 1976 when the first Schoenstatt Home Shrine of Paraguay was erected there. After eleven years of Mary silently working from this place of grace, the first Schoenstatt couples group started in 1987. By 2000, the Schoenstatt Movement of Alto Paraná grew to a total of 99 Schoenstatt families, 32 Schoenstatt mothers, 88 Schoenstatt boys, 254 Schoenstatt girls, and 181 circles of the Pilgrim Shrine Campaign. On October 1, Bishop Claudio Gimenez will bless the new Schoenstatt Shrine.

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October 8, 2000

Dedication of the Third Millennium to Mary - Celebration in Nuevo Schoenstatt, Argentina

On October 8, 2000, Pope John Paul II, will dedicate the third millennium to Mary. For this reason, the statue from Fatima will be brought to Rome. In Nuevo Schoenstatt, Florencio Varela, Argentina, approximately 2,000 Schoenstatt members and friends will join in this consecration, one of the highlights of the Holy Year, and at the same time celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign (Pilgrim Shrine). The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign's gift of thanksgiving is the picture that says AVE MARIA, given for the National Shrine, the Shrine of the Father in Nuevo Schoenstatt. The Pilgrim Shrine Campaign is a concrete means of new evangelization, a true dedication of the third millennium to Jesus and Mary. In more than 150,000 pilgrim shrines, Mary, the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt, visits families on all continents, bringing Jesus to the remotest places.

October 11-16, 2000

Third World Meeting of Families in Rome - Schoenstatt Families Organize Trip

A team of Schoenstatt families from Germany, together with priests, mothers, and sisters, organized the pilgrimage of families from Germany and some European countries to the Third World Meeting of Families in Rome, October 11-16, 2000. Seven buses will bring 350 people to Rome, each group being accompanied by a Schoenstatt family and a Schoenstatt priest or sister, who are responsible for the organizational and spiritual dimensions. In Rome, 100 - 150 other people will join them. The families prepared brochures and posters and invited families via the Internet to participate. For the trip and the stay in Rome, they prepared pilgrimage books, prayers, books, and also a program for the children.

The Original Shrine in Schoenstatt - origin and center of the net of shrines
Urheiligtum in Schönstatt - Ursprung und Mitte des Netzes der Heiligtümer
Foto: Fischer PressOffice Schoenstatt, © 2000

October 18, 2000

Schoenstatt's Founding Day - Opening of the October Week in Schoenstatt

"Diligently bring me contributions to the capital of grace. By fulfilling your duties faithfully and conscientiously and through an ardent life of prayer, earn many merits and place them at my disposal. Then it will please me to dwell in your midst and dispense gifts and graces in abundance. Then from here I will draw youthful hearts to myself and educate them to become useful instruments in my hand."

First Founding Document, October 18, 1914

All over the world, Schoenstatt members and friends spiritually unite in the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt on the Founding Day. The Schoenstatt Movement in Bangalore, India, prepares for the crowning of the MTA in the Schoenstatt Shrine on October 18, 2000. Bishop Pinto of Bangalore will lead the celebration.

In Schoenstatt, the "October Week," the German Schoenstatt Movement's annual leaders' convention, is opened on that day. After the introductory talk (7:00 PM) and a Holy Mass in the Pilgrims' Church, all will process to the Original Shrine and there renew the Covenant of Love.

October 22, 2000

German Schoenstatt Family Celebrates the Holy Year - A Net of Shrines

The German Schoenstatt family and its friends will gather from 2:00 – 4:00 PM by the Original Shrine, the daughter shrines in Germany, by wayside shrines, at the places of the monthly covenant celebrations, and in home shrines to renew the Covenant of Love and erect an embracing Net of Shrines. Father Beller, the German Movement Leader, says about the objective: "Whereas in times past Christianity covered the world and characterized it, now a new world has arisen. In this new world, Christ well be born anew in the net of Shrines. And this net we consciously erect on October 22, 2000." In this newly awakened consciousness of the powerful reality of the world of shrines bound together, the German Schoenstatt Movement aims to make this net a center which radiates Christ's love, a world of love.

In Schoenstatt, the participants of the October Week and all those who want to join will gather at 2:00 PM by the Original Shrine. From there, processions will be made to all of the Shrines in Schoenstatt. Each participant may chose a favorite shrine in 5 or 45 minutes distance! By the shrines in Schoenstatt, the celebration will be continued, followed by coffee, refreshments, and sharing in the various houses.

Shrine of Bonding
Heiligtum der Verbundenheit
Foto: Johannes Kaut © 2000
Wayside shrine, Irinyalakuda Bildstöckchen in Irinyalakuda
Foto: Schoenstatt in Indien, © 2000

October 22, 2000

Dedication of the new Schoenstatt Shrine in the diocese of Bamberg, Germany

On October 22, 2000, the former NATO base near Scheßlitz in the Diocese of Bamberg, will become the "base" of the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt, who wants to work miracles of grace from the new Schoenstatt Shrine to be dedicated there, the first Schoenstatt Shrine in the Diocese of Bamberg. On the same day and the same hour which was chosen for the erection of the Net of Shrines, the Bamberg Diocesan Shrine will be blessed. Its name will be "Shrine of Bonding."


October 28, 2000

Dedication of the new Schoenstatt Shrine in Irinyalakuda, India

On August 15, 1990 the first Schoenstatt Shrine in Asia, in Bangalore, India, was dedicated. Ten years later, on October 28, 2000, another Schoenstatt Shrine will be dedicated in Irinyalakuda, Kerala, India, the first daughter shrine in this state. The shrine is situated on the first property of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in India, where the first MTA wayside shrine was erected. The place is close to Kodungallur, the site where, according to tradition, the apostle Thomas landed and began to spread the Gospel in India. The Christians of Kerala, the state in India with the highest percentage of Christians, are proud to be descendants of these early Christians.

Bishop James of Irinyalakuda wanted a spiritual center to be built on the Schoenstatt Sisters' property in Irinyalakuda. In 1995/1996, a house with a chapel and rooms for retreats and training was built. Many people from the area joined in the celebrations when Bishop James blessed the corner stone in 1995 and dedicated the house in 1996.

On October 28, the Archbishop of Trichur and Bishop James of Irinyalakuda will be present for the dedication of the shrine. The Bishop of Pallakad, who visited the construction site of the shrine in September, will be represented by the diocese's Vicar General. The Schoenstatt Sisters in Iranyalakuda, praying hard for good weather, expect approximately 500 participants on October 28.

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken, WI, USA


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