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Ten young women became Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary today. What did the reception mean to you?

Sabine Burg, Cologne

Some months ago I met two Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary on the train.They were about my age. They talked and laughed. I watched them and wondere whether I could ever wear such a dress and like it, and whatever makes young people decide to become a sister. I do not know anyone my age who is a sister. They told me that they are Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. I had never heard of Schoenstatt, but I asked at a diocesan office in Cologne and found out where Schoenstatt is and even got a telephone number. I have just graduated from television and motion picture school, and it crossed my mind to work on a documentary about the call to be a sister.

So I decided to come today and join in this celebration. What really touched me was the participation of so many parents, relatives, and friends who accompanied their daughters, sisters, or friends today. I also sensed a very strong spirit of community. I think that a person who decides to join a community needs to have experienced the blessing of community before - in her family or in a small town or elsewhere. The childhood and the family seem to be decisive. I'd like to get to know parents whose daughters became sisters.



Rita Huber, Oberkirch

My daughter became a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary today, and she is the second one. Because I know how happy my other daughter is as a Schoenstatt Sister, it was not hard to give my "Yes" a second time. We get our children as a gift from God and we give them back to him. It was beautiful to participate again in the celebration of the reception. What I like is that it is again so international. Four years ago when my other daughter had her reception, it was even more international; but I really liked it today with the petitions in different languages and the songs sung in different languages by the candidates and by the choir from the Philippines.



Gabriele Fahrenschon, Augsburg

This year it was different because it's only three weeks since Rome and since our International Meeting of the Girls' Youth. I was privileged to carry the banner together with Martina, and I was really excited to be so close and see the novices from such a short distance. I also liked the international flair, especially the Philippine choir. It reminded me of our International Meeting. A celebration like this means facing the challenge of a vocation. When I looked at these novices, I sensed that they have an efficacious power!!! If you start to answer the call of your life, you win such a power.



Martina Kraus, Augsburg

It is unusual to meet people who consciously answer a personal call and live out a personal vocation, and who do that in a strong and radical way. It's a challenge to think about your own vocation.




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