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Brief News from Schoenstatt - August 31, 2000

Pilgrimage Group from Liverpool in Schoenstatt Anniversary of Franz Reinisch's death commemorated Priests from eleven nations visiting Schoenstatt First Schoenstatt Shrine in Peru under construction Encounter of Ecclesial Movements by the Shrine in Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany Crowning in Koszalin, Poland New Schoenstatt Web Pages


Pilgrimage from Liverpool in Schoenstatt. About 40 persons from Liverpool, England, spent a week in Schoenstatt, House Marienau, at the beginning of the month. Trips to Cologne, Limburg, and Trier were part of the itinerary as well as tours of Schoenstatt and time for personal prayer and reflection. One evening, all processed from the Original Shrine to House Marienau. The pilgrims from Liverpool also visited the Schoenstatt Center in Koblenz-Metternich with the tomb of Sr. M. Emilie Engel and the new "Emilie room". Sr. M. Thomasine gave them a talk about Sr. Emilie and her mission.

Pilgrims from Liverpool visiting Sr. Emilie's tomb in Metternich
Wallfahrer aus Liverpool am Grab von Sr. Emilie in Metternich

Anniversary of Father Franz Reinisch's death. On August 21, 1942, Father Franz Reinisch SAC, who worked for the Schoenstatt Men's Movement, was executed in Berlin because he refused to take the loyalty oath to Hitler the only Catholic priest who did so. The anniversary of his death was commemorated in Schoenstatt with a prayer service by his tomb behind the Original Shrine, attended by approximately 100 persons. A big picture of Father Reinisch was placed on his tomb, along with a candle and a bouquet of roses. Father Rummel SAC welcomed the participants, pointing to Father Reinisch as one of the martyrs of the 20th century. A short biographical sketch was read, highlighting Father Reinisch's process of making his decision in inner freedom.

Pater Karl Bausenhart

Father Bausenhart spoke about Franz Reinisch as a model of answering God's individual call. Many people would not have the strength to bear crises in their life and would fall prey to doubts, disappointment, and frustration. Father Reinisch's life proves God's guidance also and especially in moments of darkness and injustice in life. Father Reinisch's song was sung, and the late Fathers Brantzen and Zinke, who had worked to make Father Reinisch and his mission known, were remembered in prayer.

Am Grab von Pater Franz Reinisch


Priests from eleven nations visiting Schoenstatt. On August 25, priests from 11 nations participants of a German language course at the Kreuzberg Center, Bonn came to Schoenstatt. They were very interested in getting to know about Schoenstatt in their countries and continents.


First Schoenstatt Shrine under construction. In Trujillo, the "Town of Eternal Spring" in Northern Peru, the first Schoenstatt shrine in this country is under construction. The Peruvian Schoenstatt Movement is looking forward to the dedication of this shrine scheduled for December 9, 2000.


Crowning in Koszalin. On August 15, 2000, approximately 10,000 people came to the Schoenstatt Shrine in Koszalin to participate in the crowning celebration. Five bishops were present. Cardinal Sodano, Rome, sent his greetings, expressing his good wishes and including a special blessing. The shrine in Koszalin is privileged to be the only Schoenstatt Shrine (so far) dedicated by a Pope Pope John Paul II visited and dedicated the shrine during his second visit to Poland.


Encounter of Ecclesial Movements by the shrine in Bad Salzdetfurth. On July 1, 2000, 64 representatives of the six Ecclesial Movements came to the Schoenstatt Center and Shrine in Bad Salzdetfurth (diocese of Hildesheim), for an encounter with the Schoenstatt Movement. After a visit to the shrine, a short introduction to Schoenstatt spirituality and history was given. During coffee break, discussion and sharing was continued. The Schoenstatt mothers had crafted small doors, each decorated with a sticker reading: Thanks for being here. These gifts were welcome!

Afterwards, time was provided for questions and answers, moderated by Father Galuschke, head of the Council of Ecclesial Movements in the diocese. The participants were especially impressed by the home shrine, and the pilgrim shrines. At 5:00 PM, the encounter closed with a holy Mass celebrated in the shrine.

Pilgrim Shrine Feast in Endel. Approximately 200 persons joined the Pilgrim Shrine Feast at the most northern German Schoenstatt Shrine in Endel, near Cloppenburg.

Schoenstatt Mothers' Meetings. Schoenstatt mothers from the dioceses of Cologne, Münster, Fulda, Limburg and Essen came to House Marienland for weekend retreats or mother-children weekends.

Wallfahrtstag in Puffendorf/Aachen. Etwa 900 Personen folgten der Einladung der Schönstattbewegung im Bistum Aachen zu einem Wallfahrts- und Begegnungstag im Heiligen Jahr. Bischof Mussinghoff zelebrierte das Pontifikalamt in der Pfarrkirche von Setterich. Die von dort vorgesehene Fusswallfahrt zum Schönstattheiligtum in Puffendorf musste wegen des schlechten Wetters ausfallen. Am Schönstattzentrum gab es ein reiches Alternativprogramm und eine Marienfeier.

Schoenstatt on the Internet - NEW

Schoenstatt in Miami. The Spanish-speaking Schoenstatt Movement of Miami, Florida, USA, extended their web sites. Reports about Schoenstatt events in Miami and in other countries where Spanish is spoken are available as well as a number of texts, publications, and inspirations (Spanish):

Schoenstatt Fathers in India. Since May, the Schoenstatt Fathers in India have their own homepage "Garden of Wisdom" with reports and pictures about the novitiate and the building of the shrine in Madurai (German):

Schoenstatt Girls' Youth, Texas. The Homepage of the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth in Texas Founder Generation provides pictures and news about the Marian Apostles and the Girls' Youth in Texas, USA, as well as about the future shrine, pictures of the land for the shrine blessed on March 25, and Schoenstatt publications (English):

Jesus' Birthday Celebrated in Memhölz, Germany: For the feast planned for September 17, in the Schoenstatt Center in Memhölz, a special homepage was created (German):


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