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The Gifts of the Generation Called to Carry Schoenstatt into the 3rd Millennium

Sent Out as Living Crown

Eucharistiefeier zum Abschluss in der Anbetungskirche
Pater Tilmann Beller, Standesleiter der deutschen Schönstatt-Mädchenjugens bei der Predigt
"Lass und gleichen deinem Bild": Während des Gabenganges entstand das Signet des Internationalen Treffens der Schönstatt-Mädchenjugend.

(mkf) Father Beller's sermon, given in the hall where the liturgy began so that simultaneous translation was possible, summarized the core experience in view of the generation that is called to carry Schoenstatt into the third millennium. The youth who experienced exceptional days in Schoenstatt were sent out, first to the World Youth Day in Rome and then back home to be a living crown.

Father Beller's sermon:

"We brought our personal fruits that we gained and will bring them to the altar. This is a new image of the Church, of Schoenstatt, that begins to develop here. This new image starts with a personal experience of grace. What happens between me and God is unequaled in the whole world. We carry that to the altar. This is a new community, a community of persons in which each one was personally touched by the Holy Spirit.

It is not that new. St. Paul writes about a church with different gifts and charisma. If St. Paul would write today, he'd write about what we see here – the gifts and charisma of the persons who crowned the Blessed Mother, who are a living crown. These gifts are:

  • The gift of generosity – a heart that loves even when it suffers.
  • The gift of apostolic courage – the readiness to be a small Mary even when others laugh.
  • The gift of joy – that exists in South America.
  • The gift of a deeper love for our Father and Founder, the gift of being attracted by his personality
  • The gift of the courage to fight
  • The gift of inner freedom
  • The gift of purity, the secret radiation of the Immaculate, that changes others and overcomes the downward pull of nature.
  • The gift of a warm attention to what others do
  • The gift to give a soul to the world so others feel at home
  • The gift to say a word that is a gift to others

We experience the gifts of the Spirit, and the young generation of Schoenstatt is marked by a variety of gifts of the Spirit."

A Personal Call and Experience

"And the core of all is a very personal experience. A song from South America expresses this experience, and we want to listen to it in silent meditation. The core of the living crown is to be found in persons who have a personal experience. The Lord has looked into their eyes and said their name with a warm smile. And he finds a reflection of himself in these eyes.

We can say the same about Father Kentenich, on a lower level. He has looked into your eyes. He said your name. He spoke to you. In the same way, he speaks to a nation. What are we for him in the different countries? The Schoenstatt Girls' Youth in the USA? What is the message we receive and share and carry into the future? Who is our Father Kentenich?

And then we think about it, and in five years we meet again and share about our Founder and realize who he is for us. We imagine the moment on the field. We were together. We made the form of a crown. And now we go to our places and we are the living crown of the Blessed Mother. And some of us may also think: we are our Founder's living crown. Amen."

Sent Out for the World Youth Day for Church and World

After the sermon, all processed to the Adoration Church, where the Holy Mass was continued. As a symbol of the unity of all the nations present, a representative from each continent brought forth a gift. Girls from South Africa brought a Globe, a symbol for the greatness, the width and the manifold nature of God's creation; girls from Australia brought light; Arab girls from the Holy Land the writing: 'Let us mirror you forever'; girls from Uruguay empty hands; and girls from Poland bread and wine.

After the solemn blessing, a litany of thanksgiving, which was responded to by applause and cheers, was said for all those who had worked for this International Meeting, specially for Sr. Andra-Maria and the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary.

Once again, all then headed to the tent for lunch and farewell. Most of the participants will meet again in Rome. Already on Sunday, the first groups boarded the bus to go to Rome; the other groups followed on Monday by train or airplane. Altogether 1,400 Schoenstatt members from the Boys' and Girls' Youth will participate in the World Youth Day. The Schoenstatt Men's

and Girls' Youth are actively participating in the World Youth Day and are involved in the catechesis. A Schoenstatt International Youth Meeting will take place by the Cor Ecclesiae Shrine in Rome. Music, meditation, reflection, presentations, a dance performed at the opening of the International Meeting, prayer service, covenant renewal and sharing are elements of the program. A letter signed by all of the Schoenstatt participants in the World Youth Day will be given to the Holy Father.

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken/WI, USA

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