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A Living Crown Dispersed Around the Word, Sent Out With a Mission

Closing Encounter of the International Meeting

(mkf) A video clip taken from the tower of the Adoration Church, when the 900 or so girls dispersed in all directions from the field where they had formed a living crown the day before, set the tone for the closing session and Liturgy of the International Meeting.

Father Beller, the leader of the German Schoenstatt Girls' Youth and Schoenstatt Movement, inspired the participants: "Tomorrow we will be a living crown, dispersed around the world. You are sent out with a mission!"

"We bring the crown into our lives so that it goes with us everywhere-- to school, to university, to work ..., " summarized young women from Ecuador in the morning meditation. "We carry it in our wallets, in our backpacks, in our purses ... However, it should always radiate through us and remind us that we should pass on its message: Walk in us through our world, make it ready for the Lord."

A reflection on the common and personal experiences and the fruits to take home from the International Meeting marked the closing session. Two young women from Chile led the program of personal meditation, testimonies given by participants, and rhythmic dances expressing what words fail to express.

Tired they were, the girls in the hall - but the lively and spontaneous presentations and the impressive short dances soon won over the tiredness.

Called to Carry Schoenstatt to All of the Youthful Hearts of the World

Several girls came forward to share their personal experiences of these days. Beatriz de la Jara, Chile, shared: "The day of the encounter with Father Kentenich touched me most. I shed tears of joy because on this day I got clear answers to many of my questions. I understood that Father Kentenich is really my father." Another young woman said that the hour in the Founder Chapel was special to her and that she now knows that she is always accompanied by Father Kentenich. A girl from the USA emphasized the joy of being called to mirror Mary, and Elisabeth from Germany stated: "The highlight of the days was surely the crowning - a very special and very personal moment. But now we have a lot to do - let's go!" Yadira Oceguera from Mexico radiated genuine joy when she shared: "I think that yesterday was very important for each of us because for such a long time we had prepared and collected an abundance of contributions to the capital of grace, until we finally said yesterday: Queen, we want to be your living crown. Be Queen of our hearts. It was a special day as all of us showed our great love for Mary - we love her in all of the countries - and we experienced the deep attachment to our Father and Founder. But now we are responsible, each one, not to forget what we promised and to live in our daily life the love that united us here and brought us closer to God. We are called to carry Schoenstatt to all of the youthful hearts of the world!"

The Stolen Crown - the Living Crown

While girls from Chile sang meditative songs and performed a dance, each girl had time to write down her personal experiences. The slips of paper were collected and brought to the altar during the Holy Mass. A magnificent dance performance, provided by the girls from Chile, then summarized the history of the living crown - starting with the joy in the crown, then describing the shock about the stolen crown and the strong impact of this event that created new life: Don't be sad, don't give up, we are the living crown! During the final scene, girls danced in exuberant joy around a huge poster with the RTA crown all covered with hand prints. "RTA, we are your living crown!" Once again, the international crowning hymn resounded: You're my mother, I'm your child, you're my Queen, and I'm your living crown ..." Each girl then received a photo with the RTA crown and a small bottle of holy water from the Original Shrine. Many of the girls don't know whether they will ever return to this holy place that means so much to them.

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken/WI, USA

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