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Let us Mirror You Forever

More than 900 girls from 32 countries form a living crown for Mary

Am Morgen stellten sich die 850 Teilnehmer des Treffens in form der gestohlenen RTA-Krone auf um so "lebendige Krone" darzustellen.
In the morning, more than 900 participants formed the RTA crown - a living crown
Das Bild der Dreimal wunderbaren Mutter und Königin von Schönstatt vor dem Altar der Anbetungskirche
The picture of the Mother thrince Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt placed in front of the altar of the adoration church during the Holy Mass

Prozession mit Gebeten und Liedern der verschiedenen Nationen zum Urheiligtum
Processing to the Original Shrine - with songs and prayers from the different countries

Krönungsfeier am Urheiligtum.
Crowning celebration by the Original Shrine
Krönung durch übergabe der Liste mit Unterschriften.
The document with the signatures is placed on the back of the MTA picture - the moment of the coronation
Anbringung des Bildes in der Sonnenau durch Schwester Andra-Maria und Susanne Leibrecht.
Sr. Andra-Maria and Susanne Leibrecht place the MTA picture in the Sonnenau House Chapel
Mit einem fröhlichen, internationalen Fest klang der Abend aus.
The crowning day ended with an international folklore fest

(mkf) More than 900 girls from 32 countries standing on a field, singing, waving hands and flags, looking into each other's faces and up to the blue sky – 900 girls forming the symbol of the RTA crown, a living crown. At the moment, when the some hours later the symbol with the words "You are my living crown" – an enlargement of a sentence in Father Kentenich's handwriting – is brought forward and placed by the picture of the Blessed Mother in the Sonnenau Foyer, the two photographers who had taken pictures from an airplane present the copies.

Girls from the Czech Republic had opened this day with a morning meditation: Mary as the crystal reflecting the light – Jesus – in all colors of the rainbow. Their dance set the tone for the morning program: different aspects and ways of living the Covenant of Love were shared.

The first contribution came via video – the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth from Burundi, Central Africa, could not send any representatives, but they shared their faith and working for peace in a videotaped liturgical African dance.

The Face of the Covenant of Love

Hojnalka Balász, a Hungarian girl from Romania, Tatiana de Araújo from Brazil, two girls from Paraguay and Thobeka George, South Africa, then shared about their personal way to live the Covenant of Love.

Hojnalka shared how she had step by step found her way to the Covenant of Love, and how she lives this Covenant. She was the best student of her grade and was granted a week abroad by a foundation – but just in the week of the International Meeting. She wanted to go to Schoenstatt, but also did not want to cause an embarrassing situation for the school. She experienced the Blessed Mother's guidance and help when she called the persons in charge and learned that another student could go for her. Tatiana shared how the Covenant of Love marks her style of working in a predominantly male working place – and how she decided to sell her car because she had no money to go to Schoenstatt for the International Meeting. Two students from Paraguay, representing the whole Girls' Youth, shared about their emphasis on responsibility regarding social justice in their country. The Covenant, they expressed, has a social dimension. With a video, they presented their missionary work in the universities. Thobeka gave a testimony of the Covenant of Love becoming effective with relationships: "Others may be rude to me, but that does not mean that I am rude to them. I can react in a different way because I know that I am loved."

The presentation was interrupted for "living crown" – the girls waited 30 minutes for the airplane, which the pilots from B&B had not been able to start on time, but they did not lose either patience nor joy! It was not just a picture that was to be taken – it was the expression of their inner longing and the experience of these days: a generation of young people from all over the world, one in the mission and longing to carry Schoenstatt to the 3rd millennium, to be a living crown.

Pilgrim Way to the Original Shrine – Crowning

In the afternoon, all came to the adoration church for an international Holy Mass with music, songs, and texts provided by various countries. The MTA picture for the House Chapel in the Sonnenau was placed by the altar. Father Raoul, Chile, addressed the over 900 girls (and several guests from other Schoenstatt communities), expressing his joy with the view of such a "living crown". Each girl held the little crown, which she had received the night before. To crown Mary, said Father Raoul in his sermon, would mean to see her as the image God wants to give to the world in the new millennium. The gospel would direct us – like Mary did in Kana, she would also in our world notice what is missing and try and provide just that. "And it is so much that is missing in our world: Joy, love, unity, justice, peace, generosity. As Mary's living crown, you are called to notice that and make a difference."

One representative from each country went to them Founder Chapel. The signatures as well as that of Father Kentenich, his picture, the MTA picture and a small crown were on the sarcophagus. Father Kentenich was invited, to go with as the girls set out to go and crown Our Lady.

Led by national flags and banners, the girls processed down to the Original Shrine, with songs and crowning petitions from each country. By the Original Shrine, the crowning hymn was sung, and again and again the sentence was heard – in all of the languages: You are my living crown. As a sign of the coronation, the signatures were placed at the back of the MTA picture. During a time of silence, each one was invited to personally crown for herself with her little crown.

Singing international songs, all then processed to the Sonnenau. While the flags and banners formed a honor guard, the representatives of the countries brought the MTA picture to the Sonnenau House Chapel. Then, the representatives proceeded to the Sonnenau Foyer to bring the symbol for the living crown – "You are my living crown" in Father Kentenich's handwriting – to the MTA picture, the picture of the Queen of the Youth of the whole world.

The two photographers, who just then came and brought the pictures of the 900 girls forming a living crown, sensed the importance of the moment ...

International Evening

A fest banquet and an international evening followed. Special food from the countries was served, cookies, juice. The colorful costumes, music, and the joyful moderation by the girls from Mexico made for a feast for all with dances, songs, skits a real folklorist night, ending with a firework around 11:15 PM Some just would not stop and transformed the whole area into stage for dances! And in between, girls wanted pictures to be taken by the Queen in the foyer, or went to the House Chapel for a moment of prayer. And like already in the days before, friends were made, addresses exchanged, language skills tested.

The last day of the International Meeting is marked by the challenge to live what was experienced in the every day life: Walk in us through the world!

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