Schönstatt - Begegnungen

Encounter – Excitement – Mary for our World

More Than 850 Young Women from over 30 countries celebrate, pray, share, and sing

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Chaos - Begegnung - Maria: tänzerische Darstellung
Chaos - Encounter - Mary: meditative dance
Eröffnungsabend - tolle Stimmung von Anfang an
Opening of the International Meeting - a sea of flags

Country Flags were carried to the stage
Einzug aller Landesfahnen

"Living Crown"
"lebendige Krone"

(mkf) Encounter and excitement mark the International Meeting of girls and young women from over 30 countries, which officially opened on Thursday, August 10, in Schoenstatt. Amidst a firework of colors, sounds, spontaneous encounters, dances and songs, these young women give a testimony, binding together the different cultures and languages present – a testimony of faith and love for the church, which at the same time is the reason of their exuberant joy: They feel united in the longing and mission to be Mary for our world and to responsibly work for a new millennium dedicated to Christ. Therefore, they pray and sing in all of their languages: "Let us walk like you through life …"

The International Meeting began with representatives of each country carrying her flag to the stage of the hall in the basement of the Adoration Church. Several girls wore the traditional dresses of their countries. Bilingual moderation, simultaneous translation (each girl got a receiver and earphones), multilingual songs, and a sea of flags – the internationality of Schoenstatt is striking. Youth from Germany performed a meditative dance, expressing the central issue of this meeting: encounter with Mary and with persons who walk like her through life, through school, university, disco, working place – a freeing and encouraging encounter, that makes a difference and enables young people to live a contagious Christian life.

Friday, the second day of the International Meeting, is marked by encounter – an encounter that inspires to go ahead together; this is the longing of the many young women from different countries who spent months preparing this meeting. Encounter with Father Kentenich, the founder – through videos and slides, but most of all through the testimonies of young women – from Mexico, Portugal, Argentina, USA, women who never met him and for whom he is yet alive and close. Proudly they see themselves as the generation called to carry Schoenstatt and Fr. Kentenich’s mission for the church to the 3rd millennium.

The RTA crown is the focus, source and goal of all the joy and life. RTA – Thrice admirable Queen: Mary, the Queen, who chose Schoenstatt for a new springtime in Christ; that’s what the girls sing again and again. The highlight of the entire meeting will be on Saturday: the coronation of the Queen. Until then, each participant is invited to personally sign a document – in Father Kentenich’s apartment and with a ball point pen he used. Thus, each one personally and individually gives her "Yes" to go with – to be Mary for this world and time, here and now.

More Pictures: Fortsetzung

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