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Special Moments of Grace, Mission Zeal, and Community Experience

Schoenstatt Girls' Youth from all over the World in Schoenstatt

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Girls from Equador
Mädchen aus Equador
Participants of Hungary
Teilnehmer aus Ungarn

Participants of Romania
Teilnehmer aus Rumänien

They made the covenant in the Original Shrine - "it is like a dream"
Sie haben das LiebesbŁndnis im Urheiligtum geschlossen - "Es ist immer noch wie ein Traum"

(mkf) The International Meeting of the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth already began with the arrival of hundreds of girls and young women from all over the world, who participated in a multi-faceted pre-program August 6 -10, 2000. Special highlights were the Covenant Celebrations in the Original Shrine.

Joy and anticipation, awe and prayer, songs and dances, banners and flags, Schoenstatt pride and mission zeal, and a great longing to be at the places in Schoenstatt most of them only know from pictures, marked the atmosphere of the days preceding the International Meeting (August 10 -13, 2000).

The Covenant Celebrations in the Original Shrine were highlights for each of the groups. Some girls had waited a long time to be privileged to make their Covenant of Love in the Original Shrine. The climax of the many celebrations in the Original Shrine was the Holy Mass of the English Speaking Schoenstatt Youth, with the Covenant of Love sealed by 75 girls from USA, the Philippines, Australia, Scotland, England, and Kenya on Thursday morning. The common Holy Masses, Covenant celebrations, and many informal encounters everywhere, made or a special experience of community.

"What a time of grace," said a girl from Texas. "I was here for some weeks last year. It was like coming home. Schoenstatt is my home."

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