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Special moments – Covenant of Love in the Original Shrine

Privileged to Make the Covenant at this Place

They made the covenant in the Original Shrine - "it is like a dream"
Sie haben das Liebesbündnis im Urheiligtum geschlossen - "Es ist immer noch wie ein Traum"
Each girl signed a document on the altar of the Original Shrine
Jedes Mädchen unterschrieb auf dem Altar des Urheiligtums
Covenant of Love in the Original Shrine - Paraguay
Liebesbündnis im Urheiligtum - Paraguay

"Generación Fundadora, unidas en la alianza, conquistando al mundo" -
the new song of the Mexican Girls Youth resounds in the Original Shrine

das neue Lied der mexikanischen Mädchenjugend erklingt zum ersten Mal im Urheiligtum

(mkf) Tens of thousands of persons in the whole world who make their Covenant of Love spiritually touch the Original Shrine in the moment of their dedication – the place where the Covenant of Love was first sealed by Father Kentenich and some students on October 18, 1914. Girls and young women from several countries were privileged to make their Covenant of Love in the Original Shrine during the days of the pre-program.

A festive atmosphere around the Original Shrine on August 7, 7:00 PM, tangible joy, excitement and anticipation, when 47 girls from Mexico in fine dresses filed into the Original Shrine. Documents with the names of those who would make their Covenant, medals, special symbols, and bags with small RTA crowns – one for each participant of the International Meeting – were placed on the altar. Guitars were tuned, candles unpacked, and then the Covenant Celebration began, the special moment of 14 girls who had prepared to make their Covenant of Love on that evening. The leader lit the candles which the girls had beautifully decorated with their symbols; then, each one silently prayed her personal dedication prayer. After the common prayer, each one received a medal, the sign of the Covenant of Love. A special moment of solemnity followed when each one walked ahead and signed the document on the altar. "Generación Fundadora, unidas con María conquistando al mundo ..." - Joyfully and whit conviction, the girls joined in singing the new song which one of them had made, the song of their new ideal as Mexican Girls' Youth: Founder Generation, united with Mary conquering the world. After the celebration and congratulations, the group walked to the Sonnenau to pass on the RTA crowns. The German girls who are working their to prepare the International Meeting, greet them with a surprise congratulation song in the entrance hall. Cheers of joy! A spontaneous party begins – with orange juice, songs, dances, a tour of the house, closing with a night prayer.

The girls from Paraguay brought the Paraguayan flag, their youth banner, Pilgrim Shrines and many other treasures and placed them all in the sanctuary. Almost all of the 77 participants found a place in the Original Shrine, some sitting on the floor – just to be present in the special moment of the Covenant of Love.

On Thursday, August 10, 75 girls from English speaking groups sealed their Covenant of Love in the Original Shrine - 65 of them form the United States, two from Scotland, 2 from Kenya, one from the Philippines, one from Australia, and one from England. They had to walk in lines to the altar of the Original Shrine to receive their medals. Beeming with joy, the only participant from the Philippines walks out again, gazing at the medal in her hands for a long time ...

Hardly ever may so many Covenants of Love been sealed and renewed in the Original Shrine within four days – hardly ever were so many young people seen in and around the shrine, praying, meditating, singing – a significant preparation in view of grace for the upcoming International Meeting of the Girls' Youth.


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