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A Mission for the New Millennium

Pilgrimage from Mexico to Schoenstatt, July 18-31, 2000

Pilgrims from Mexico in front of the Adoration Church.
Wallfahrer aus Mexiko bei der Anbetungskirche.

The Mexicans spent a lot of time on the bus - with joy!
Busfahrten gehören dazu - und machen offensichtlich Freude!

Encounter in House Marienland: "Cielito lindo ..." - Contagious joy!
Begegnung in Haus Marienland: "Cielito lindo ..." - ansteckend fröhlich!
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(mkf) They arrived on Covenant Day - thirty-two Schoenstatt pilgrims from Mexico City, Celaya, Querétaro, and other places in Mexico. The stay in Schoenstatt was marked by a contagious joy of being at this 'beautiful place' in this Holy Year 2000, at the beginning of a new millennium. Each day the group had a Holy Mass either in the Original Shrine, the Adoration Church, or Pilgrim Church – places where the Plenatary Indulgence of the Jubilee Year can be gained. One of the highlights of the time in Schoenstatt was the covenant celebration in the Original Shrine on July 27.

Tours of Schoenstatt, time for shopping in Schoenstatt and Vallendar, a visit to Metternich to view the memorabilia about Sr. Emilie and prayer by her tomb, a boat trip on the Rhine River, and a trip to Gymnich (Father Kentenich's birth place) and Cologne were part of the diverse itinerary of the Mexican group - most of them members of the Mother's League and Professionals'.

Special Places - Original Shrine, Adoration Church, Founder Chapel.

For Holy Mass, the group very often chose the Original Shrine or the Adoration Church. On several days, they boarded the bus for the trip from House Sonnenau to the Adoration Church on the mountain, where Father Marcial of Querétaro, together with a fellow priest, celebrated the Holy Mass, always inviting the participants to pray the prayers for the jubilee indulgence. In his sermons, Father Marcial emphasized Schoenstatt's mission for the church and society of the new millennium and each one's responsibility to contribute to this mission. Private times by Father Kentenich's tomb at night were special experiences, also.

Encounters and Sharing

On one afternoon, the group visited House Marienland for an encounter with Mothers and Professionals from Germany. The mothers in the group had a tour of the House with Sr. Violaine, the sister in charge of the Schoenstatt Mothers in Germany. Afterwards all met for adoration in the House Chapel. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed in the monstrance – the symbol for the mission that unites Schoenstatt mothers in the whole world. The Mexican professional women were presented roses by a group of professional women from Germany (the rose in the barbed wire being the symbol of their mission) and discussed concrete apostolic works in the marketplace. A joyful get-together with coffee, candy, singing, mutual thanks and much laughter due to language "mish mash" ended the afternoon.

Covenant Celebration

On Thursday, July 27, the group had a retreat day with Holy Mass in the Original Shrine. Three women had prepared to make their covenant of love in the Original Shrine, four women renewed their covenant in the sense of making Schoenstatt their life with the blank check surrender. Each of them had written her own dedication prayer, which she prayed aloud or in silence. Then they gave the text of the dedication prayers to Father Marcial, who placed them on the altar of the Original Shrine. After the Holy Mass, members of the German Women's League congratulated and gave little gifts to the Mexicans.

Before returning to Mexico on August 1, the group went to Munich and from there visited the concentration camp in Dachau where Father Kentenich had been a prisoner from 1942 - 1945. A Holy Mass in the Carmelite Chapel and stations of the cross in the concentration camp were highlights of the day.

What do the Mexican pilgrims take home frrom their stay in Schoenstatt Consuelo summarizes: "A deeper love for Father Kentenich and a clearer awareness of his mission. I was always attached to him, the Founder of Schoenstatt. But now I know - he has a mission for the new millennium. And I feel privileged to share this mission in Mexico!"



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