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An International Leadership Community

Anneliese & Francisco Nuño, Spain, new General Superior Family

Anneliese and Francisco Nuño, General Superior Family of the International Institute of Schoenstatt Families

(f.l.t.r) Ehepaar Escudero, Ehepaar Roth, Ehepaar Nuño, Ehepaar Fenelon, Ehepaar Neiser, Pater Boll

(IFS) In the second week of the General Chapter, on Friday, July 28, 2000, and Saturday, July 29, 2000 the new General Council was elected. It is composed of five couples from four countries - an international leadership community.

The evening before the election the delegates came together in the Original Shrine to pray and sing and to implore the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the help of the Blessed Mother.

On Friday morning Mr. Körner gave a detailed report about the work of the past six years of the previous General Council. All of the families thanked the whole General Council with great applause for the work they had accomplished.

In the afternoon the election followed, and was continued on Saturday morning.

Following are the members of the new General Council:

General Superior Family: Anneliese & Francisco Nuño Spain
General Assistant Family: Elisabeth & Bernhard Neiser Germany
General Course Leader Family: Luis & Pilar Jensen-Escudero Chile
Counselor Family: Margaret & Michael Fenelon USA
Counselor Family: Hiltrud & Ingbert Roth Germany
Spiritual Assistant: Father Günther M. Boll Germany

Father Boll was already elected as Spiritual Assistant on July 17th. With great applause the delegates expressed their joy.

After the election of each position, six times, the new bell of a future Institute Shrine was rung.

We cordially congratulate the new council and wish many graces of the Holy Spirit, the love of our Mother and Queen and the guiding and accompanying hand of our Father to all the leadership families and the Spiritual Assistant.


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