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Father Erwin Hinder Receives Doctorate - New Opening Times in Father Kentenich House - Birthday Party for Jesus in Memhölz - Retreat for Single Women and Weekend for mothers with children in House Marienland - New Schoenstatt Shrines in the Year 2000

Father Erwin Hinder Received Doctorate: The Pallottines' Theological University at Vallendar, Schoenstatt, conferred the doctorate degree on Father Erwin Hinder, Schoenstatt, on July 22, 2000.

Pater-Kentenich-Haus, Berg Schönstatt

New Opening Times For Father Kentenich House: The exhibition is open Tuesday through Friday 1:15 PM - 5:30 PM; Saturday and Sunday 10:30 AM - 12:00 AM and 1:15 PM - 5:00 PM; at any other time by appointment. Flags of the countries of the majority of visitors have been posted in the entrance hall to indicate the international character of the house.

Birthday Party for Jesus in Memhölz: The Augsburg Schoenstatt Movement plans a big birthday party for Jesus in the Schoenstatt Center at Memhölz near Kempten: "2000 Year Christ - we celebrate his birthday!" More on their home page (German only):

Retreat for Single Women: Approximately 40 single women from Bavarian dioceses participated in a silent retreat in House Marienland, followed by two days of vacation. On one day, the women boarded a bus and went to Koblenz-Metternich to visit Sr. Emilie's tomb. Most of the participants were retired women. Two women from Barcelona, Spain, joined their retreat.

Erfahrungsaustausch während der Exerzitien

Weekend for mothers with children: Mothers with children from the Würzburg Diocese spent the weekend (July 28 - 30) in House Marienland. A varied program was offered for the children while their mothers had talks, meditation, or discussion. Activities for mothers and children together were an important part of the weekend's program.

New Schoenstatt Shrines in the Year 2000: Two new shrines were already dedicated this year in Brazil: in the capital, Brasilia (March 25,2000), and in Cornélio Procópio (July 2, 2000).Report and pictures are available on - 'Nachrichten'. A third shrine will be dedicated in September in Poços de Caldas. In Germany, the shrine in Paderborn was dedicated on May 28; on the former NATO base by Scheßlitz in the Bamberg Diocese, the "Shrine of Attachment" is being built (dedication: October 22, 2000).

The cornerstone was laid for two shrines in Poland: on May 31 for the shrine in Gliwice (dedication: September 9, 2000), and on June 27 for the shrine in Bydgoszcz. On July 2, the cornerstone was laid for the new shrine in Cuidad Este/Alto Paraná, the third shrine in Paraguay .

Alto Paraná, Paraguay

Ten years after the dedication of the first shrine in Asia (Bangalore, India), two new shrines are under construction in India: one in Irinyalakuda, Kerala, and one in Madurai. The first shrine for England - longed and strived for under the title of "Shrine 2000" for a couple of years - will be dedicated on October 1, 2000 in Bolton, Greater Manchester. The Schoenstatt family in Perú is looking forward to celebrating the dedication of the first Schoenstatt shrine in their country. It will be dedicated on December 9 in Trujillo in Northern Peru.

Editors' Conference: The editors of the 'Magazine from Schoenstatt', BASIS , met for a conference July 24 - 26. They worked on the concept for 2001.

basis-Redaktion (v.l.n.r.): P. Joachim Schmiedl, Marie-Luise Langwald, Catalina Kirschner, P. Rudolf Ammann, Anette Kluck

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