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United Internationally - With Zimbabwe For Example

Covenant Day in Schoenstatt on July 18, 2000

Sängerwettstreit: Schwestern aus Tschechien
Sängerwettstreit: Jugendliche der Schönstatt-Mannesjugend der Diözese Speyer.
Sängerwettstreit: Junge Frauen aus Polen.
links: Mary Davids aus Maryland, Kapstadt

United with all Schoenstatt members in the world, all then renewed the Covenant of Love. "We had our covenant renewal at the same time," shared a Schoenstatt Mother from Harare, Zimbabwe. "We started with a prayer of adoration, then presented our petitions and thank you prayers for many blessings received . We prayed the rosary tape with meditations from Heavenwards and then began a reflection on the New Man. So very relevant now and for all

time. Fr. Kentenich's inspirations have no age and will surely be as vital in decades to come

until the goals he set out for the Schoenstatt Family are achieved. We too decided to look more deeply into this and also to pray daily if possible for his beatification. We will ask his intercession for our needs and for a shrine in Zimbabwe. Of course we ended with the usual Schoenstatt fellowship and refreshments . .."

Encounters by the Fire

After the blessing, the Polish girls sang "As I Kneel Before You" in Polish, with many participants humming along and joining in the refrain. The sing-along created a special Marian

atmosphere. All then processed out to the place before the church where the fire was already lit. "Protect Us With Your Mantle" was sung, followed by "Dios te salve, Maria" and Polish and Czech songs. The young men from Speyer also provided some songs.

Mary Davids from Maryland, Cape Town, had come to Schoenstatt for the first time. "I'm involved with the literacy program in Maryland. It's a fantastic experience to be here and to meet English-speaking Schoenstatt members!" Young women from England

and Ireland welcomed her in Schoenstatt. - "My friend and I came here today for some days of vacation," said a professional woman from the Aachen area. "It's beautiful to start our time in Schoenstatt with the covenant renewal and meet the girls from Ecuador again who we know from a recent meeting in Münster." Elsewhere, Spanish, English, Tamil, Polish, Portuguese and German phrases were overheard. Many persons stayed longer to enjoy this international Schoenstatt experience on the covenant day.

English edition: Joan Biemert, New Franken/WI, USA

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