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Mary, Heart of the New Evangelization

May Pilgrimage to the Shrine in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Eucharistiefeier beim Heiligtum
Festive Holy Mass by the shrine
Aus verschiedenen Richtungen kamen Gruppen in Prozession zum Heiligtum
Groups processed to the shrine from various areas
Trotz Regen waren Hunderte von Pilgern frühmorgens zum Heiligtum gekommen.
In spite of the rain, hundreds of pilgrims came to the shrine early in the morning.
Einzug des großen Pilgerheiligtums
Arrival of the big replica pilgrim shrine
EXPO Schoenstatt

(Angela Santos) Each year, on the Saturday before Mothers' Day, people are invited to greet the Mother of God and Mother of each man in her shrine in Guayaquil, Ecuador.. Hundreds of persons process to the shrine, led by a big picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt. This year, they had a new picture – a big replica of a pilgrim shrine. At 7:00 am, Archbishop Juan Larrea Holguín of Guayaquil celebrated the Eucharist with the pilgrims. Afterwards, all were invited to visit EXPO Schoenstatt.

It was pouring on the morning of May 13, 2000 – yet hundreds of persons wanted to come to the Schoenstatt shrine and celebrate their mother. The Holy Mass began at 7:00 am, presided by the Archbishop of Guayaquil, Juan Larrea Holguín. He had chosen as subject for the May pilgrimage in this Year of Grace: "Mary, Heart of the New Evangelization". On this day, the indulgence could be received in the shrine.

The pilgrims remembered in gratitude recently deceased Cardinal Bernardino Echeverría, who more than 20 years ago inaugurated the annual pilgrimage to the shrine, following a Marian Congress which had been actively prepared by the Schoenstatt Movement.

This year's procession was special because of the new MTA picture carried along - a beautiful replica of the Pilgrim shrine. At the beginning of the Eucharist it ceased to rain so all could participate in quiet and prayerful atmosphere. The choir with members from various branches sang Marian songs, adding to the special atmosphere of the celebration. After the Mass, Mireya de Pólit, leader of the Schoenstatt Mothers, recited a poem to Mary she had written in honor of late Cardinal Echeverría. The participants were touched by this poem and the Marian songs.

After the celebration, all were invited to visit EXPO Schoenstatt - an exhibition with displays about the Schoenstatt branches, apostolic projects, and Schoenstatt on the Internet. The whole day was marked by joy and a profound Marian atmosphere.


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