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A Dream becomes True – And 7,000 persons join in Celebrating

"Faithfulness to the Church Shrine" dedicated in Cornélio Prócopio, Brazil

Auf Felsen erbaut - Heiligtum und Bewegungshaus
Built on a rock - shrine and training center
Etwa 7000 Menschen kamen zur Einweihung des Heiligtums.
Appr. 7,000 persons joined the dedication of the shrine
Feierliche Prozession mit dem MTA-Bild zum Heiligtum
The MTA picture was brought to the shrine in a festive procession
Ankunft beim Heiligtum - Jubel und Freude!
Arrival by the Shrine - joy and cheers of welcome!
Bischof Dom Gétulio Teixeira Guimarães nahm die Einweihung vor
Bishop Dom Gétulio Teixeira Guimarães led the celebration
"Heiligtum der Treue zur Kirche zur Ehre der Heiligsten Dreifaltigkeit"
"Shrine of Faithfulness to the Church for the glory of the Holy Trinity"

(M. C. Cerântola) On July 2 in the Year of Grace 2000, a dream became true – a dream that moved the Schoenstatt Movement of the Cornélio Prócopio diocese since 27 years: the Schoenstatt shrine was dedicated. It's name and mission: Faithfulness for the Church to the Glory of the Holy Trinity. After years of spiritually building the shrine, years marked by difficulties and battles and sincere striving, the shrine and a center for the Schoenstatt Movement and a big hall for pilgrims are ready to welcome all those who long for a 'beautiful place' of grace.

The shrine is located on a steep hill just opposite another hill on which rises the majestic bronze statue of Christ the Redeemer, and of another hill with the cathedral. The three hills form a triangle, symbolizing that the shrine glorifies the Holy Trinity.

Built on a Giant Rock

The shrine was built on a giant rock and can be seen from far distance. It's history is deeply connected with the church. The bronze picture of the MTA for the wayside shrine on the land of the future shrine was blessed by Pope John Paul II during his first visit to Brazil –on the request of then diocesan bishop Domingos Wisnieswki. The Schoenstatt family of Cornélio Procópio is characterized by it's union and bonding with the diocese, specially represented in the person of the bishop, who always gave his support for all Schoenstatt activities, especially regarding the construction of the shrine.

Already on the occasion of the corner stone laying, Bishop D. Gétulio Teixeira Guimarães declared the future Schoenstatt shrine a diocesan shrine. Divine Providence now worked that the feast of the inauguration of the shrine was held on the day when the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul was commemorated in Brazil – day of the Pope, July 2.

Festive Liturgy and Balloons with Greetings from the Shrine

The dedication of the shrine was preceded and prepared by the Diocesan Eucharistic Week that began on June 22 with the feast of Corpus Christi, and it contained with the party of the Patron of the Diocese – Mary's Immaculate Heart, on July 1. The Schoenstatt Movement was active in these events.

The festivity of the dedication, began in front of the cathedral, from where a procession started to the shrine - with the beautifully decorated MTA picture for the shrine amidst the Hundreds of joyful participants. At the arrival by the gate in front of the shrine, the MTA picture was passed on to youths from Tiro da Guerra, who solemnly carried the picture to the altar on which the Eucharist was to be celebrated. Many pilgrim shrines accompanied the arrival of the MTA picture.

During the Eucharist, the statues of St. Peter and St. Paul, of St. Joseph and St. Michael were solemnly brought to their places in the shrine. During the offertory, balloons rose to the skies, representing the offers to the Capital of Grace. The balloons carried messages with greetings from the new shrine. Already at night several families called to say thanks for the greetings they had gotten with the balloons. Some called from places 60 miles away.

The liturgy was very solemn with numerous priests from the diocese participating, and the Bishop presiding. After the communion, the bishop, accompanied by all the priests, took the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance to the shrine. Afterwards, the picture of the MTA was enthroned in the shrine. From here, Mary will welcome each one and render an abundance of gifts and graces.

This was the moment for which each one had prepared for such a long time, a moment of longing and joy – and all of the seven thousand or so participants now wanted to enter the shrine. All were radiant and moved when they first got to the shrine which had been prepared over so many years with many sacrifices and contributions to the Capital of Grace, also with life offers.

Faithfulness to the Church

The celebration was a real Victory of Faithfulness, a celebration of the faithfulness to the Church for the glory of the Holy Trinity – the mission of this new shrine. This mission is also expressed by the logo of the shrine. In Latin, the language of the church, the mission of the shrine is written around the symbols – thus symbolizing that the mission is for ever: FIDES ECCLESIAE AD GLORIAM SANCTISSIMAE TRINITATIS. Faithfulness is the promise to the remain for ever with the one to whom the pledge of love is given. The key (Universal Church) and the crosier (Local Church) are crossing, symbolizing the unity of the Universal and the Local church. The center is the shrine as special place of grace, where the promise of unity that Jesus gave to his church is renewed through the Schoenstatt spirituality and the presence of Mary. The point, where key and crosier – invisibly – cross, is the shrine. All of the symbols are based on a triangle - symbol of the Blessed Trinity, which holds them all and is glorified by them all. "Faithfulness to the church for the glory of the Holy Trinity" – since July 2 a pilgrim place exists with this challenge and gift: in the Rua Pe José Kentenich in 863 000-000 Cornélio Procópio, Paraná, Brazil.


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